Thanks to Rob Koopman who started the original RG500 email list way back in (1995?) at Thanks also to Dan Dinardo who took over the list at in 2000. But now fastrackriders is no longer able to host us. To keep this valuable resource alive (so we can all ride our RGs til the end of time) I am now hosting the RG500 list on my server as

Anyone can subscribe to the list, and only subscribers can post to the list. Be forewarned that you never know what you might find on this list and I am *definately* not responsible for any content but my own posts.

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Unlike, subscribe & unsubscribe messages are not sent to the group, so everybody won't give you a hard time for chickening out. Once you are subscribed, you send your messages to

Rob Koopman's original RG500 website has been resurrected at

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