Publishing the CDs, DVDs, books, and writings of
John Major Jenkins

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Cosmogram Media is the licensed publisher of books, CDs, and DVDs by author, teacher, and researcher John Major Jenkins. Stone Book Statuary is a separate entity. The high-design, limited edition, letterpress offerings of Cosmogram Media are produced by subsidiaries Oak Root Press and Acorn Anchor Book Arts Studio, both being occasionally served by Lettersmith Type Foundry.

Cosmogram Media, planned offerings in the next four years:

5 DVDs

3 CDs

Collected Articles books - 1, 2, 3

Remembering 2012 Novel

The 2012 Story (under contract with Tarcher / Penguin, Sept., 2008; release date January 2010)

Archival books from the past, including Journey to the Mayan Underworld.

Managing PDF downloads and ipod downloads