Announcement: Video Documentary Project on Mayan Sacred Sciences

A new collaboration is underway. While in San Diego to present my work for Earth Heart Foundation I was fortunate to meet Elizabeth Upton, a producer and director of documentary films. Elizabeth was just returning from having lived in Yucatan, Mexico, for eight months and she was bristling with stories and footage.

Her concept for the documentary revolved around presenting the sacred geometry principles within Mayan traditions, and included the work of researcher and teacher Alberto Hagar, who she met during her travels in Mexico. I shared my early research into the sacred science at the heart of the Maya calendar, and we began to discuss how the project could develop further. Along with Dawnjah Fronk of Earth Heart Foundation, we arranged to film interviews and discussions in the gardens of a beautful home overlooking San Diego. The weather was great, there was magic in the air, and Elizabeth recorded several hours of in-depth discussions of Mayan wisdom for 2012, stories of adventure on the spiritual path, and related teachings.

This announcement is an invitation for all to contribute thoughts and ideas to the project. And to stay tuned as the project evolves to include an Internet portal, workshops, and tours to Mayaland. For more information on the project, visit Elizabeth's Web site.