Example of translated text that I was responsible for editing:

Humans continuously so that they know and without knowing, willing and without willing effect to each other. Their effect is when good and when bad. But mortal and vanishing it is until the day when God trough they freely can effect, when the death has left his mask and uncovered his immortal faces.

My edit:

Human beings influence each other continuously at all times whether they know it or not, or consciously will it. The effects are sometimes good and sometimes bad. But this is perishable and vanishes away until the time when God manifests His influence through them, and death is unmasked to reveal its immortal face.

This is a good example of the average difficulty of the translation-editing process. The text is roughly 85,000 words long. I coordinated line references given in the Finnish Kalevala with the often-different line numbering in Friberg's translation. Finnish text was typed in manually. Sources referred to in the text were compiled for the bibliography after full citations were tracked down using WorldCat. I began the editing process in Alaska in August, 1995. The bulk was finished by June of 1996, but fine-tuning continued through 1997. The translator was very thorough, patient, and helpful throughout this process. The Introduction was finished in December, 1997.