A Critique of a Press Release by Carl Calleman


My commentary will hopefully provide a context so that seekers and students of the Mayan calendar can understand the subtle subversion of Mayan Calendar tradition that Carl Calleman is spearheading. Message to Carl at the end. My comments are in bold and brackets […] — John Major Jenkins.



The Beginning of the Fourth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld - Integrating the Fourth DAY and preparing for the breakthrough of the Fifth DAY

by Carl Johan Calleman
with comments by John Major Jenkins (in bold)

A common misconception about the Mayan calendar is that this is about “something”, usually an astronomical event, that will happen “in 2012”.


For a long time Carl Calleman has taken a limited and narrow view of my work to reconstruct the true basis of the 2012 calendar, its teaching, and prophecy. My work has identified an empirically measurable astronomical alignment as the anchor point in Mayan eschatology. I have always pointed out that Maya time philosophy is a non-dualistic teaching about integrating opposites and accessing transcendent wisdom. The astronomical references of 2012 are integrated with a Creation Myth (the Popol Vuh) and a spiritual "prophecy" or teaching. Since my earliest books on the Maya I have gone into this in various ways. See website: http://Alignment2012.com. Since 1999, Carl has largely ignored my responses to his one-sided critique of my work, even though we've dialogued directly on the topic. Carl’s position is dualistic --- i.e., he chooses to deny one side of the equation (the physical side) in favor of an exclusively theological or spiritual interpretation. My response to his one-sidedness has always been that 1) The Mayan teaching is non-dualistic, and he is indulging in dualism; 2) Emphasis on one side of reality always gives rise to imbalances in the evolving earth-field, resulting in disastrous attempts at reconciliation (meaning wars of one kind or another). Proponents of dualist systems can often create the appearance of pristine purity, but the ignored shadow side will be working behind the scenes, as history has shown us so many times.     


In such a view the Mayan calendar has little value as guidance in the present moment and its use is regarded as separate from the actual lives that we live, both as a global collective and as individuals. In order to make meaningful use of the Mayan calendar we need to be able to understand its alternating energies of time as parts of the context of the particular era we are currently living, in which the Galactic Underworld, which is the one that most directly influences human consciousness at the present time.


This would be an interesting approach, if only Carl didn't anchor it to his own end date invention --- the October 29, 2011 end date that has no basis in authentic Maya tradition. Carl’s constant emphasis on this date detracts seekers from understanding the importance of the true end date of December 21, 2012. This is the end date that is the best supported in terms of the interdisciplinary reconstruction of the Maya calendar correlation.  Carl refuses to address the evidence for December 21, 2012, or he takes pot shots at it by enlisting supposedly authoritative astronomers or experts. But even a brief look at the basis of the arguments reveals them all to be red herrings. So, Carl is engaging in a kind of stealth sabotage to distract our attention from the true end date, and gain support for his own unfounded invention. This is the behavior of Seven Macaw, the self-magnifying bird deity in the Popol Vuh. Carl is thus helping to illustrate the distorting effects of human hubris, of consciousness that prefers to magnify its own clever inventions rather than humble itself before perennial wisdom. This isn’t me against Carl; it’s Carl against established tradition and universal truth. For some reason, he thinks it is necessary to trademark his own “new” system or model. This comes, I suppose, out of the Western scientific tradition that accentuates individualism, going so far as to give human ownership to universal laws (such as “Newton’s Law of Gravity” or “Kepler’s Laws of Motion”). Problem is, we are trying to grow beyond the era of individualism and egotistical self magnification. That’s the teaching for 2012 offered up by the Popol Vuh.   

In the Galactic Underworld we have recently, as of
November 29 2005, passed out of the Fourth DAY and entered the Fourth NIGHT and so this may be an appropriate time to summarize and look ahead. The article that I wrote at the beginning of the Fourth DAY is however still posted on my web site and may be evaluated as a prediction for some of the things that the DAY that we have now past brought along. I feel in two significant ways its predictions have turned out to be accurate: The shift making the Asian nations, and in particular China, to the engines of the world economy. Even though this may now seem obvious to everyone as recently as a year ago it was not. What in retrospect maybe I would have liked to have added is that this economic shift to the East now also includes Russia, which in no small way has experienced a growth in its economy.

Another thing that was predicted in my article of a year ago was the Mukti-Maya unification. The increasing awareness among people in a process towards enlightenment that this process follows the rhythm of the Mayan calendar. Hence, the midlight meditation of June 1-2, 2005, [anchored via 260-day time resonance with Carl’s  invented end date] the midpoint of the Fourth DAY, was the world¹s first globally synchronized diksha event, whose effects were even detectable from a statistically significant way from the random number generators of the Global Consciousness Project led by Dr. Roger Nelson. Although certainly the number of spiritual individual and movements that see their activities and goals as associated to the cosmic process of evolution described by the Mayan calendar is very limited, I feel there are reasons to expect that others will join in especially as the Fifth DAY begins on November 24, 2006. It is my feeling that only those movements and individuals that are in phase with the DAYS and NIGHTS of the Mayan calendar are heading towards making a viable contribution to the cosmic process in which we are currently involved. [In other words, only those people who are following Carl’s system can make a viable contribution to the cosmic process. Wow — is anyone out there getting the heebee-geebees on this one?]  This process is in Christian terminology called the Apocalypse, the time of revelation of a higher truth.

One thing that my article of a tun (360 day period) ago did not predict, but nonetheless has now become evident, is the increase in natural disasters during the Fourth DAY. Starting with the Tsunami during the uinal of death the tun was marked by several earthquakes and an unusual series of hurricanes, including that which hit New Orleans, and the emergence of a lingering threat of a bird flu epidemic. The number of books about natural catastrophes is multiplying and at the current time it seems most people are waiting for more to come. The fact that the abovementioned disasters happened during a period that was a DAY which was pivotal for the continued process, the Fourth DAY, there are very strong reasons to expect new phenomena that we may collectively call natural disasters especially in the following DAYS of the Galactic Underworld. [Blah blah blah ... such invocation of historical events is the oldest trick in the prognostication book. So many modern “seers” and “prophets” engage in the worst kind of propheteering; when things don’t pan out they just move onto the next thing and nobody seems to be the wiser or remember all their strike outs. It is less than compelling.] Thus, these may come to intensify as we enter its Fifth DAY in November of 2006. The explanation to why natural disasters may increase during the DAYS may in very general terms be that the world that the human beings have created is not consistent with the world that the divine process of creation aims to create and that this becomes the most evident as a new LIGHT enters. [Yes, that's on target. Our shadows loom larger when the light begins to return. But this is basic December solstice dynamics. The reason why shadow events are looming so large in our era is because we are approaching the
midnight moment — and the return of the light — in the Great Year of precession. This shift to light and reconnection with higher wisdom is signalled by the solstice-galaxy alignment of era-2012, which we are already in. This is the key that my work has recovered, and that Carl, unfortunately, denies] I agree that this may serve poorly to explain the specifics of many such occurrences. Yet, in the Galactic Underworld logic may turn out much more to be based on synchronicities than on cause-effect. [The use of synchronicity as an alternative to causality was explicated in the first chapter of my book Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (1992/1994)] Paradoxically then, the breakthroughs into a collective experience of the divine presence may come to take place in parallel with natural disasters. And as any student of the New Testament knows the description of the Second Coming of Christ is associated with exactly the same kind of paradoxical intensification of natural disasters. Here we may note that Jesus warns against any person claiming to be him and says that he will return ³on the clouds of heaven² and maybe what is referred to here is as an energy, or more specifically, as an energy associated with a certain Heaven, which in the Mayan calendar is a time period. This is the kind of breakthrough into the divine presence that we have reasons to expect for the Fifth DAY, and I would like to discuss the significance of the Fourth NIGHT that has now begun in the perspective of this breakthrough. Although there is some time to get ready for them the years ahead will really put the lightworkers, or, probably better, spiritual warriors, to the test.

As usual, the way the Mayan calendar is to be used prophetically is by analogies with the corresponding DAYS and NIGHTS of lower Underworlds. In the National Underworld the Fourth NIGHT then corresponds to the time period 355 BC-AD 40 and in the Planetary to AD 1893-1913. This Fourth NIGHT can in significant ways be looked upon as a time when the innovations of the previous DAY were integrated as well as a time period which prepared for the breakthrough of the phenomena of the Underworld in question that took place during the Fifth DAY ruled by the energy of Quetzalcoatl - the lord of LIGHT - corresponding to AD 40-434 in the National Underworld and 1913-1932 in the Planetary. Of course, the kind of phenomena that these time energies are manifesting are very different as they are developed within the frameworks of different levels of consciousness; Hence, the National Underworld is dominated by a dualist, semi-enlightened, consciousness and the Planetary Underworld is dominated by an endarkened, materialist, consciousness. This difference between Underworlds clearly shows up in the different phenomena that the time energy of Quetzalcoatl brings forth in them.

When it comes to the National Underworld, all I will point to in this article is that the Fourth NIGHT was the time leading up to the arrival of Jesus. As we may sense for instance from the Dead Sea Scrolls there were signs of the impending new energy of Quetzalcoatl already in the latter part of the Fourth NIGHT. This emerging shift in consciousness expressed itself in a number of Jewish sects, such as the Essenes outside of the established religious framework. What may then be the most obvious breakthrough of this Fifth DAY is the emergence of the Christian religion with its message of love and forgiveness. When it comes to understanding the detailed course of the Fourth NIGHT and its relationship to the breakthrough of the Fifth DAY it is however probably easier to study the Planetary Underworld, if nothing else because in this era there is no lack of historical records. The breakthrough of the Fifth DAY of the Planetary Underworld in 1913 was however not a breakthrough of a new religion, but a breakthrough to the materialist modern world. Even though the latter phenomena are very different in the National Underworld, or in our current Galactic Underworld, we may nonetheless learn a tremendous amount from the rhythm with which the new phenomena were introduced.

If we then initially take a look at what the breakthrough into Quetzalcoatl consciousness meant in the Fifth DAY, 1913-1932, it becomes clear that this is truly the breakthrough of the modern world. In 1913 assembly line production of cars began and it is hard to come up with something that would be more typical of it. As the old autocratic empires - the Chinese, Russian, Ottoman, Austrian and German ­ crumbled, a range of nations appeared that were democracies, or, at the very least, modern states. The introduction of the radio, with the first public broadcasts in the US in 1910 and in Europe in 1913 for the first time allowed for mass telecommunications. Jazz music was born in 1914-1915 and the roaring twenties saw the liberation of women in dress and behavior. In science, Bohr presented his atomic model based on quantum mechanics in 1913 and Einstein his general theory of relativity in 1915. Kandinsky painted the first piece of non-figurative art in 1913 and a range of ³isms such as surrealism, dadaism and futurism surged at the beginning of the DAY. The stuffy world of the autocratic empires was no more. This was the kind of effect that the breakthrough energy of Quetzalcoatl had in the Planetary Underworld.

Yet, and this is what is important to know when we are now entering the Fourth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld, this breakthrough was prepared for by phenomena and events that occurred already during the Fourth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld. The first company manufacturing automobiles was for instance established in 1896 (putting out 13 cars in that year). Marconi sent the first transatlantic radiotelegraphic message in 1902 and Ragtime began to make inroads against the all-pervasive Waltz already around 1900. The Russian revolution of 1905 heralded the later downfall of the autocratic empires and especially during the second half of the Fourth NIGHT there was an intensification of things preparing for the breakthrough. Einstein had proposed his special theory of relativity in 1905, but typically this was not taken seriously until experimental proof of it emerged in 1919 and  something similar was the case with Planck¹s fathering of quantum mechanics already in 1900. Cubism began in 1906, preparing for the breakthrough of non-figurative art, but not making it all the way.

I could go on like this and show that critical innovations to some extent were created already during the Fourth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld, especially its latter half, but that it was only during the Fifth DAY, 1913-32, that they actually broke through and became accepted as phenomena that were perceived as lasting. The relationship between the Fourth NIGHT and the Fifth DAY will be similar in the current Galactic Underworld and I feel the spiritual warriors that want to be part of birthing the new world of oneness should assimilate the knowledge of this rhythm. What should also be mentioned here is that the breakthrough to the modern world in the time period 1913-32 was associated with two synchronistically related catastrophes, World War I 1914-18 and the Spanish Flu in 1918-1919, where the latter actually killed more people than the war. Especially when it comes to World War I it seems evident that the breakthrough into modernity, and especially democracy, could hardly have taken place without the collapse of the autocratic empires that may be seen as the main outcome of World War I. Hence, from the perspective of the Mayan calendar DAY and LIGHT does not always mean ³good² or ³happy.²  All we can say is that divine creation works itself towards the end result that it is designed to arrive at and that the LIGHT may have consequences that to some are tragic. Generally, it seems that the more inconsistent the world is with the higher purpose of the divine plan, the greater the catastrophes will be. In the Fifth DAY of the Planetary Underworld the autocratic empires were clearly inconsistent with the emerging existential, if certainly not economic, equality that this Underworld brought.

In the National Underworld the Fifth DAY had been followed by the Fifth NIGHT, during the period AD 434-829, which brought the collapse of the Roman Empire through the onslaught of the Huns and Germanic peoples. This initiated the so-called dark ages in European history. The early Christians that in the beginning of the Fifth DAY had been so inspired by the message of Jesus and the incoming energies had believed that the Kingdom of Heaven was imminent and that Jesus would return to the world. With the beginning of the Fifth NIGHT this expectation was however thwarted. Thus, in the latter half of the Fifth DAY the Church became organized in a tight hierarchical structure and as the Fifth NIGHT (dominated by the energy of the lord of darkness, Tezcatlipoca) began the Church Father Augustine introduced the idea of the Original Sin in the Christian teaching, Moreover, the emphasis shifted from the resurrection of Christ to his suffering at the cross.

A direct parallel to this scenario unfolded in the beginning of the Fifth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld in 1932. After the experience of a new freedom in the roaring twenties and the energies would be reversed and a reaction set in. The Stock Exchange crash in
New York in 1929 was the forerunner of the Great Depression whose worst year globally speaking was in 1932, the very year that the energies of the Fifth NIGHT became dominant. About a month after the Fifth NIGHT began the Reichstagsfeuer took place in Berlin, which became the pretext for Hitler to take dictatorial power in Germany, and the rest we know. Typically, people did not initially take this change for real: Following the Stock Exchange crash in New York people in general expected a swift upturn and initially few understood the danger of the rising dictatorships. The Fifth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld turned into a great reaction against many of the liberating phenomena that had come into existence during the Fifth DAY in the same way as the Fifth NIGHT of the National Underworld became a reaction against the spiritual hopes that Christianity initially had brought.

It is a similar wave movement of energies that we have reasons to expect for the DAYS and NIGHTS ahead in the Galactic Underworld, since these alternating energies are beyond human control. Yet, I would like to emphasize that there is a difference between how we may perceive the energies of the Galactic Underworld and especially the Planetary Underworld. Since the DAYS of the Planetary Underworld meant the manifestation of a very materialist consciousness (since the front side of the human being was endarkened) it is easy to recognize all the concrete physical manifestations that its DAYS brought. In contrast, in our current era, the DAYS of the Galactic Underworld are bringing LIGHT to the intuitive right brain half amounting to a possibility for healing and a breakthrough into spirituality. Since, however, the right brain half generally is not the one that is behind technological advances, there is little reason to expect that its manifestations will be directly evident in the same way as all the things that came with the materialist Planetary Underworld. In fact, very much of the spiritual breakthroughs that the Galactic Underworld will carry may not at all be visible. This is meant as a reminder for the many, who sometimes see no movement forward in man¹s spiritual evolution. The current change occurs on a subtle, but nonetheless very profound level.

[My comment on previous paragraphs: blah blah blah. Eternity embraces history in the same way that the finite is included in the transcendental infinite. This is the same way that the spiritual realm embraces the physical realm in a non-dual Oneness; the physical doesn't cease to exist]

Initially the Fourth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld, which we have now recently entered, will be a time of integration and then, especially in the second half of the NIGHT there will be more and more phenomena popping up that pave the way for the breakthrough into experiencing the divine presence that will be brought by the Fifth DAY. The shift point for this breakthrough into Quetzalcoatl/Christ energy will take place on
November 24, 2006. Following this breakthrough many will experience states of enlightenment previously completely unknown to them and without the guidance of the Mayan calendar it would be easy to believe that the new world has already been born. I have for instance a sense that as we enter this energy of Quetzalcoatl, it will be possible for people to receive the gift of being able to pass on the experience of divine presence (diksha) to others spontaneously, and very possibly this ability will start to flow between persons in contact with diksha givers. [shaktipat transmission of awakening can produce negative results in those unprepared; those prepared for opening and awakening will be opened by their own inner teacher / guru / guide. The hierarchical control structure of guru priesthoods is what we want to avoid in the new egalitarian partnership world of free and open consciousness]  The experiences of divine presence will be much more profound than they are now and maybe the reception of the cosmic LIGHT of this DAY will be experienced directly by the human receivers. What the Mayan calendar exactly describes is the kind of cosmic and global field changes [actually, galactic (cosmic) and terrestrial (global) field changes that are directly related to the galactic alignment of era-2012] that produce such collective shifts in consciousness. Yet, I suspect that this spiritual breakthrough will take place in parallel with dramatic natural catastrophes or a collapse of the international monetary system. [This "paralleling" of spiritual and physical events is clearly derivative of my own explanation of the parallel non-causal relationship between the spiritual and material realms, which I emphasized in our debate during my defense of Carl’s misunderstanding of my work. I guess I'm glad Carl is adopting a more sophisticated language, and that he has taken to heart my critique of his dualistic stance. This is a good sign, a move in his thinking towards a non-dual understanding of the mutually arising interwoven relationship between the subjective and objective (spiritual and physical) realms. Eventually he'll have to embrace the importance of astronomical/physical events as parallel to unfolding spiritual events. In fact, his  statement above seems like he’s done this --- so how can he go on denying the relevance of physical/geological/astronomical events? (That was his opening statement to this piece.) Non-dual relationship between subjective and objective reality: again, see my “Causality and Synchronicity” chapter in Tzolkin for my early elucidation of this profound teaching] Following this, on November 19, 2007, the energy of Tezcatlipoca will set in and we will see a very significant reaction, almost certainly led by forces in the West, and particularly the US, that with very forceful methods will try, and probably for at least half a tun be very successful in bringing the world back into the materialist fold and into the old ideals of the Planetary Underworld, but in a much more oppressive form is currently is the case. Incidentally, in case someone doubted, there will not be a need to have a change in rulership for this to be accomplished and as we saw in the earlier Underworlds the vast majority will follow along. In the Book of Revelation this may be what is referred to as the Beast.

The Galactic Underworld is the Apocalypse and in its latter half the spiritual warriors will be put to the test like never before. By spiritual warrior I here mean a person who stays committed to the higher purpose of evolution in the midst of the many forces that will try to sway her away from this. It is also a person that has integrity and tells the truth and it is only to be expected that the kind of ethical issues that we will be facing under both the energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca will be new and sometimes very difficult to deal with. Simple habitual responses to the new situations will not be possible requiring a very high degree of taking responsibility for one¹s actions. The temptations to go along with the energy of Tezcatlipoca will in the Fifth NIGHT be very strong and it will be only too easy to rationalize this. To avoid falling into these traps I feel it is crucial that many people grasp the overall wave movement of time that the true Mayan calendar describes. [The true Mayan calendar is coordinated with the collusion of galactic, solar, and terrestrial waves on the 13-Baktun cycle End Date: 
December 21, 2012, 4 AHAU. I really don't understand why Carl and Arguelles feel the need to implement systems of their own clever invention that are fundamentally mis-aligned with the true (that is, authentic) Maya calendar] This will be a very important support for us to be able to continue our missions in the times ahead.

I have here hinted at the possibility, or rather, likelihood of different kinds of disasters in the coming time and many will ask how to avoid being hit by these. I have no answers to this, but feel that the best approach is to ask yourself: ³How do I best serve divine creation and the process towards oneness at the end point of the Galactic Underworld, October 28, 2011 [Carl should always inform readers that this is HIS derived end date and that it is in disagreement with the overwhelmingly supported end date of Dec.-21-2012. I don’t believe Carl has looked into all the arguments that support the Dec.-21-2012 end date. I know his response to this is to grudgingly acknowledge the true end date, but then assert through strange rationalizations the priority of his own system. This is just like the Arguelles’s rationalizations in support of Dreamspell. Carl’s mind-frame is much like Arguelles in that he strives to appeal to Westerners by repackaging the traditional wisdom of the Maya, with his own clever model making sprinkled in. On this front, I thought it was quite tacky of Carl to discuss Ian Lungold's passing in the context of adding support to his Oct-29-2011 anchored system. This is EXACTLY what Arguelles did when Starsparks committed suicide in jail years ago --- paying homage while co-opting the event to show support for his day-sign auguries. My god, is nothing sacred? It's odd that Carl criticized Arguelles awhile back when his strategies and approach is so similar to Carl’s. BTW, the Izapa studies by Brigham Young U. are available for free as PDFs online --- Google "Gareth Lowe Izapa", I think they're on the Papers of the
New World Archaeological Foundation website. If anyone actually reads these and other sources in the bibliography to MC2012, they will understand the cogency of my reconstruction. Of course Carl could also read those sources and engage in a deconstructionist Socratic diatribe, picking and selecting certain things to critique, but that would be small-minded and unfair—the profane intellect, disconnected from higher wisdom, at work.]   This is in my view the best way of living a meaningful life rather than being dictated by fear of things that are still outside of our control. If you are able to find an answer to this question then I recommend that you should stay with it. Yet, although in this article I emphasize the likely difficulties to come the Apocalypse, contrary to popular opinion, does not mean the end of the world. What the book of Revelation describes, often like the Mayan calendar through sequences of seven steps, is a very turbulent era leading to the New Jerusalem - a state of Oneness with the divine. [that's right, the "unveiling" strips away the (perhaps seven) layers of illusion that accrete around our eternal divine selves. It's heartening to see that some of Carl’s  observations are evocative of perennial spiritual principles. BTW, Martin Lings' The Eleventh Hour is a great book]

The tuns ahead, and especially the shift point between the energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, will hence make great demands of the spiritual warriors of today. Yet, especially the Fifth DAY is likely to bring great joy and enlightenment through the increasing divine presence in the energy of Quetzalcoatl and there is no reason to try to put a lid on such experiences even though the times may be momentous. What I want to point out however is the necessity of being aware of the kind of adverse phenomena that will accompany these breakthroughs and even more so the reaction towards materialism and democratic dictatorship that the energy of Tezcatlipoca will bring. It is thus also to be expected that in the energy of Tezcatlipoca the chaos will be blamed on the spiritual breakthroughs and that the spiritual warriors will become scapegoats. The main source of knowledge about the wave movement of energies in the time ahead is the true Mayan calendar although, as is common in its history some will work to produce false Mayan calendars leading people to confuse Quetzalcoatl (the energy of light) with Tezcatlipoca (the energy of darkness). The true Mayan calendar is what charts the path to what in Christian theology is called the New Jerusalem, a name for the state of Oneness that completes the Apocalypse that the Galactic Underworld will deliver us to a few more energy shifts down the road.


Blessings to you on your path. It will always sadden me that you and Arguelles and several others did not first get anchored in how the different facets of the Maya calendar interface --- the year bearers, senior year bearers, the correlation question, the Calendar Round, the Venus cycle and Venus Round, the tzolkin, the haab, the Long Count and eclipse calendars. The fundamental principles of Mayan time philosophy — which are really perennial and universal spiritual principles --- follow clearly from aligning with the authentic tradition. Otherwise, ones speculative gropings can often lead down blind alleys, although they can also sometimes hit upon general truths. That the path to understanding the original spiritual teachings and prophecy of 2012 can be found in the messages left for us in the Izapan ballcourt would be clear to anyone who availed themselves of the literature sufficiently. It is sad that we could not be allies in elucidating this authentic vein of perennial wisdom, and that you turned about face so quickly back in '99, choosing to sculpt your own marketable model/system. And it is still a point of contention that you did not take to heart my careful responses to your critique of precession at that time and instead selfishly engaged in stealth sabotage, endlessly repeating year after year your inaccurate accusations that I have an exclusively physical bias in my writings.


When we debated in late 2001, my father was dying and I was taking care of him off and on over a period of 10 months, driving back and forth between Chicago and Denver in mad 14-hour dashes. The unfair and unprofessional way that the Battros interview was set up was very disturbing and I experienced it as an attack while I was in a vulnerable state, dealing with my Dad’s illness. (It’s interesting how negative forces will attempt to invade precisely when you feel down). The contentious nature of our ongoing debate in 2001 fueled a kind of impatience in my responses, and I apologize if some of my comments were cutting. You should understand that, in my ongoing attempt to clarify and defend authentic Maya tradition, your work has emerged as an onerous kind of "Arguelles part 2" reality. And I still see it that way. And it is that way. But your thought is evolving and I hope that those who latch onto your work will be led to true lights. You resonate with a certain spectrum of seekers who are trying to disentangle themselves from the nets and traps inculcated into their beings from indoctrination into distorted Western educations, or, just from living in Western societies.  


These comments are offered in trust and openness. Please do not respond by implementing forms of stealth sabotage in which my work is inaccurately summarized---I sometimes stumble across things on the net that you are clearly behind. Also, since your Oneness Celebration website saw fit to copy and repost my 1994 "How and Why of 2012" article, they should be sure to add the images (which are not there now) and — at the end of the piece — link correctly to my website http://Alignment2012.com. That would be fair and professional. —JMJ. December 2005.


Orsa, 9 Chuen in the first uinal of the Fourth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld
Carl Johan Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). He was the initiator of the Oneness Celebration at the occasion of the Venus Transit,
June 6-8, 2004 and the Midlight Meditation of June 1-2, 2005. He holds a doctorate in physical biology and has the web page is www.calleman.com