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"A revolutionary work of discovery and synthesis."

- Terence McKenna, from the Foreword

"In Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, author John Major Jenkins has combined his gift for incisive, mythic and symbolic interpretation with rigorous research, to reveal the Mayan calendar as a world cosmology and spiritual philosophy, firmly grounded in precise observations of celestial patterns and rhythms. According to Jenkins' in depth yet accessible and often poetic analysis, the Maya had reconciled a number of planetary and sidereal cycles to accurately define the passage of our earth and solar system, as it moves through millennia, in and out of alignment with the galactical core and equator. This vast, celestial conjunction, so central to the Mayan sages and astronomers, holds profound transformative implications for individuals and civilization today."

- Robert Lawlor, author of Sacred Geometry and Voices of the First Day, and co-translator of Schwaller de Lubicz's The Temple of Man.

"With his better than academic decoding of the mysterious Maya glyphs that incorporate both their colorful mythology and sophisticated astronomy, John Major Jenkins has validated that shamans, with their out-of-body clairvoyance, were responsible for the amazing accuracy of Mayan and other Mesoamerican calendar systems that cover thousands of years of earthly, planetary, and galactic motion. That Mayan deities represent astronomical bodies, as did the pantheons of Egypt and Mesopotamia, is equally validated by Jenkins. His emphasis on the famous Long Count calendar shows that when the rising sun on the December solstice of the year 2012 conjuncts with the Milky Way’s galactic center - or birth canal of the Great Mother of us all - a new age is expected, one in which humanity will mutate spiritually into a new relationship with space-time and the material universe."

- Peter Tompkins, author of Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids and The Secret Life of Nature.

Meticulously and exhaustively researched, carefully written, this book's patiently arrived at (but never jumped to) highly original conclusions have both the weight and the ring of that authority found only in the very best scholarship. Unlike other books devoted to decoding the Mayan 'prophecies' it also has a potentially happy ending.

- John Anthony West, author of Serpent in the Sky

"The  extensive  research by John Major Jenkins  into  the  Mayan mysteries  is very impressive indeed, and his book will no  doubt become  a classic in this field of study. Maya Cosmogenesis  2012 is  a must read for all those who feel that there is far more  to our ancient past than meets the eye."

- Robert Bauval, co-author of The Orion Mystery and The Message of the Sphinx

The basis for Jenkins' reconstruction is a meticulous search behind the Mayan belief system which led him to deciphering the Hero Twin Myth in the Popol Vuh, the Ball Court symbology, and the Long Count system used to predict the precession of the galactic center. All of this took the Mayan priests many thousands of years to perfect, and a thousand man-hours by Jenkins to understand... This is a book with a rich sense of our spiritual evolution that only John Jenkins can state so eloquently."

- Willard Van de Bogart, Director of The Portal Market online

"With Jenkins' scholarly effort of comparative calendric research and investigation into Mayan cosmology, we may all ascend to new levels of insight concerning the wealth of coded messages that remain in the Mayan legacy to modern mankind in this age of transformation."

-Jim Reed, The Institue of Maya Studies

"...a well-researched psychoarcheological and astronomical excursion into the Mayan mind field of time."

-Dr. Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor.

"Without the grants, funds, and job securities of the astronomers and archaeologists who dominate this field of inquiry, John Major Jenkins offers us a clear-headed piece of well-documented research on the astrological and cosmological genius of ancient Mesoamerica. His book provides an excellent analysis of the generally misunderstood Mayan Calendar which burst onto the New Age scene with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Using facts, not fancies, Jenkins leads us into the complex world of Mesoamerican iconography, cosmology, astrology and astronomy, and shows us how ancient insights are relevant to today's world."

- Bruce Scofield, author of Day-Signs and Signs of Time

"John Major Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 presents a  fascinating, meticulously researched, exquisitely reasoned, scholarly yet readable  account  of  the development  of  ancient  Mesoamerican astro-spirituality,  and  offers an inspiring  poetic  vision  of humanity's future."

- Douglas Gillette, author of The Shaman's Secret

"Jenkins  presents a wealth of information about Maya  astronomy, mythology, and calendrics in support of his analysis of the  Long Count calendar end-date . . . 200 illustrations, maps, end notes, and an extensive bibliography complement this detailed work."

- The Library Journal

"Building on the pioneering work of de Santillana and von Dechend (Hamlet’s Mill) and Linda Schele (Maya Cosmos), repeatedly testing his own observations at key sites, Jenkins here lays out the impressive results of fourteen years of dedicated study and inspired synthesis."

- Stephen Eberhard, Professor of Mathematics at California State University

"Jenkins’ findings not only extend our understanding of Maya cosmology, they have great significance for humanity at the evolutionary crossroads." - Nexus Magazine

"John Major Jenkins’ voluminous new work excavates a Mesoamerican cosmogony shrouded in mystery and entombed in fantastic symbols. This is the amazing story of the evolution of cosmology in the Americas as a people, sometimes referred to as "the skywatchers," searched for the ultimate cosmic center and the hour of ultimate cosmic opportunity."

- Kathie Garcia for Atlantis Rising Magazine

"A scholarly and insightful investigation into the fascinating cosmology of the ancient Maya, written by a leading independent researcher on Mesoamerican astrology and calendar studies... a well-researched and convincing argument that the Maya anchored their great calednar system to the precessional alignment of the winter solstice Sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy."

- Valerie Vaughan, author of Astro-Mythology: The Celestial Union of Astrology and Myth

A fascinating and in the end, uplifting book. I consider it to be the Hamlet's Mill of Mayan cosmology and I sincerely hope that it will serve as a departure point for future researchers.

- Rick Martin in Fairfield, CT

"Brilliant scholarship, amazing talent and an intuitive feeling for Mayan thought make this book very significant  in understanding the importance of Dec. 21 (Solstice) 2012 as an end and beginning date in our human journey."

- Elizabeth Gips of Changes Radio, Santa Cruz

In his final analysis, author John Major Jenkins offers hope; for uncovered in his Maya calender research is the quickening dawn of a new age for humankind. If you're interested in ancient mysteries and their relevance to our present time and near future, then this intelligent work is for you...
Insightful, well-written and researched with great integrity. John Major Jenkins offers a conclusion, which when fully realized in the reader's mind, seems ineluctable --- a quickening dawn of a new age for humankind. I recommend this work to all persons interested in ancient mysteries and their present day implications.

- R. Kiffin Hope

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Magical Blend's assessment of my book was not very accurate, and Terence McKenna and I both wrote letters to the editor, seeking clarification.