Itzam Ye / October 3rd, 1995

Seven Macaw and Itzam Ye
Strike a victory today
Killed the Goddess, that don't matter
Bronco filled with bloody splatter
Fuhrman, blurman, Johnnie did good
Sent up smoke screen, back to the 'hood

Itzam Ye

Listen to the Maya
Hear them count the days
Voicing for the Mother's good
Tracking, tracing ancient patterns
From where the Mother-Father stood
Passing through this bottle neck
When the birth canal is brimming
Filled with future, ancient lore
Seek to open out to spirit
Ride the wave
Galactic Core

Listen to the wise man spew
follow errand of the fool
listen to him fascinate
make you think that he is great
Then the bidding you will do
barter till your brain is blue
Count the days with Itzam Ye
Until the Maya fall away
Then the path is just for you
only for the chosen few
Wrapped in glittery ornaments
don't matter if it make no sense
You want to see reflected there
image spill for all to share
and steal a little blood to drink
don't matter if you do not think
Just take it to the very end
When nothing's left
to defend