Maya Sacred Science

This book is unique and somewhat difficult to explain. The premise is quite unusual. It has to do with the two core principles of Mayan  Time Philosophy, their relationship to Jaloj Kexoj (a  dual-principle paradigm of the modern Tzutujil Maya) and the square-root principles  of Egyptian sacred geometry. If you're still with me  after that, the subtitle of this 130-page book is: "The Dual  Principle Core Paradigm of Mayan Time Philosophy and its Conceptual Parallel  in Old World Thought." Despite the potentially  labyrinthine nature of this multi-faceted book, I think  it's  rather well presented. I treat the thesis very seriously. In my own visionary work  with the Sacred Calendar, I concluded that the core of  its mathematical and philosophical properties could be reduced to  an interplay  of two principles: PHI (that is, the Golden Mean)  and "64" (the principle of binary or exponential duplication).  Thus: PHI-64, the "dual-principle core paradigm." It was somewhat of  a shock when I met Martín Prechtel in 1993 and read his academic study  which described the dual-principle paradigm of the modern Tzutujil Indians of Guatemala called "Jaloj Kexoj." The parallel of meaning  was astounding. Here's the Table of Contents:


I. Perspective

II. Chol Q'ij: Basics

III. Pronunciation Guide

IV. The Source
Visions, Paintings, Mandalas, the Cosmic Order
260-64 becomes PHI-64
PHI-64 meets Jaloj Kexoj

V. PHI-64
Math & Philosophy
Math of PHI
Math of 64
Math of PHI-64
Philosophy of 64
Philosophy of PHI-64

VI. PHI-64: Its Manifestation in Other Systems
PHI-64 and Egypt
Beyond PHI-64: Universal Root Principle Cosmology
Kepler and PHI
The British Isles, 2000 B.C.
The I Ching as a PHI-64 Model
Time Wave Zero and PHI-64

VII. Among the Meso-Indians: Art & Architecture
PHI and the Mitla Braid
Art Spirals and Hunab Ku
Of Cosmo-Conceptions, City Planning, Conch Shells, and Trees

VIII. Jaloj Kexoj
A Tzutujil Paradigm
Kotsej Juyu Ruchiliev: Flowering Moutnain Earth
Digging up Jaloj Kexoj: Echoes of the Past
At Palenque
In the Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Quiche Maya

IX. Jaloj Kexoj: A Wider Context
Jung's Self and Morphic Fields
Chaos Dynamics and Jaloj Kexoj
Continuity, Calendar, and Genocide

X. Sacred Tree: Within and Without
Without: External Form of
Without: Absence of
Within: Teol and the Hurricane
Within: Hunab Ku
One Ahau Sacred Day of Venus: April 3rd, 2001 A.D.

XI. Visual Symbols of PHI-64/Jaloj Kexoj
XII. So What?

A Poem
Post Note, 1999

Full scale back cover.

This book was re-released with six new appendices in 2000; 200 pages, one pull-out diagram: $18 plus $3 shipping to U.S. destinations. Several spiral bound copies are available. Please inquire if interested.