Links to Sites of Interest

Cosmology, archaeoastronomy, Maya calendrics, 2012, millennial fever, and so on...

2012: Dire Gnosis, a thorough clearinghouse of research and theories on 2012

The Petaja Pages - a website devoted to Emil Petaja

Olaf Stapledon

Impossible Correspondence website: Homepage and Notes

Sharron Rose / Sacred Mysteries / Jay Weidner / A Monument to the End of Time

Archive Press and Communications
R. Kiffin Hope, Global Eudaimonia Philosopher
Clear and profound research into Vedic astrology, cosmology, and culture
Iron Feather Journal
Terence McKenna's site
Publisher of my book Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies, Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Prescience in England - intriguing insights and visions into the Gaian mind
Research into the Galactic Alignment, Fulcanelli, and Alchemy by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges
Interesting precessional discussion involving consciousness evolution by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Fascinating perspectives by Rush Allen
Material on the White Powder Gold (StarFire) in the work of Laurence Gardner
The Laura Lee radio show. See archived interviews with John Major Jenkins.
The Art Bell radio show. Also contains archived interview with John.
Jim Wilkie's in-depth research into the Egyptian mysteries, with a putative astronomical connection to the Maya end-date of A.D. 2012
Truth or Fiction? You decide if the Wingmakers are real
Bruce Scofield's One Reed Publications: Mesoamerican astrology research at its best.
The Portal Market. See interesting story by Willard Van de Bogart on the Central Civilization.
Dr. Patricia Hill's Changing Paradigm.
Changes Radio in Santa Cruz, California with Elizabeth Gips
Maya scholar Nicholas Hellmuth's website
The Jeff Rense Sightings radio show; Interviewed on April 1, 1999.
David Wilcock's book Convergence: 1999 and Beyond
Maya researcher Carl Johan Calleman's site
John Virtanen's Kalevala site
The Talis Resonate site, with discussion of Maya calendar daycount controversy.

Centro de Estudios del Mundo Maya SCP.