Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

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Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date. Bear & Company Publishing, 1998. 450 pages, 200 illustrations, six appendices, end-notes, 22-page bibliography of academic source material, and index. Foreword by Terence McKenna. $20 U.S. Order through, or signed copies from the author.

*The Ancient Galactic Cosmology Reconstructed*

My study of Maya cosmology offers a progressive interpretation of the astronomical basis of the core traditions of the Maya. Specifically, I emphasize that the rare alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic plane in the years around A.D. 2012 is the reason why the ancient Maya calendar-priests chose to end their 13-baktun cycle on December 21, 2012 A.D. Based upon years of interdisciplinary study in varied fields such as iconography, epigraphy, archaeoastronomy, and ethnography, my book presents evidence for a new, deeper understanding of the New Fire Ceremony, the Hero Twin Creation myth, the Long Count end-date, the sacred ballgame, and the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Terence McKenna
Introduction: Fixing Our Sights

Part I. Precession Astronomy
1. A Timeline of Mesoamerican Culture
2. Calendrics: Mapping Methods
3. Cosmology: Finding the Center
4. Precession: The Mystery of the Ages
5. Mythology and Astronomy

Part II. The Union of Captain Serpent and Captain Sun Disk
6. The Pyramid of Kukulcan: A Cosmic Myth in Stone
7. The True Meaning of the Toltec New Fire Ceremony
8. Zenith Imagery in Mesoamerica
9. The Long Count: Galactic Alignment in 2012
10. Maya Creation: The Stellar Frame and World Ages
11. The Cosmic Symbolism of the Maya Ballgame
12. Chichen Itza Cosmology: Maya-Toltec Reconciliation

Part III. Maya Cosmogenesis
13. The Birth of the Hero Twins
14. A Hawk, a Cross, and a Mouth
15. The Man Who Was Swallowed by an Alligator
16. Shamanic Tools, Thrones, and Birth Portals
17. Conjuring Creation

Part IV. Izapa Cosmos
18. Ceremonial City of the Ancient Skywatchers
19. Southern Mesoamerica, 200 B.C.: The Izapan Civilization
20. Izapan Calendrics
21. Izapan Astronomy and Cosmology
22. The Monumental Message
23. Initiation into the Izapan Mysteries

Part V. Gazing into the Galaxy
24. The Forgotten Galactic Paradigm
25. Back to the Center: The Message of the Maya End-Date

1. A Brief History of an Idea
2. Mesoamerican Precessional Knowledge: In the Literature
3. Space-Time Maps of the Sun and the Pleiades in the Zenith
4. Evidence for a Black Hole in Maya Creation Texts
5. Response to Counterarguments
6. Recent Breakthroughs in Decoding Ancient Cosmologies

52 pages of end-notes, bibliography, and index

The larger prototype of MC2012 was completed in mid-1997. Here is a selection of material that was edited out of the 1998 edition by Bear & Company Publishing:

1. The Watershed: Olmec Antecedents
2. Commentary on Hamlet's Mill
3. Caspar's Lesson
4. Appendix 5: Response to Counterarguments (unabridged version)
5. The original Intro to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.
Here's my original cover design concept, 1996
Erik Johnson's work-up of the cover concept, early 1998

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