Mirror in the Sky

In 1984-85 I had a series of mystical experiences which sent me wandering around America. The whole episode culminated in a spontaneous 3-day Vision Quest, alone in the Appalachicola Forest of Northern Florida. At the end of that 3-day quest I had a mystical vision during which I met the Earth Mother Goddess, and received a blessing or born on my spiritual path. I was also imprinted with a universal archetypal symbol of wholeness that I painted, called the Tree of Life. I trace all of my work with Maya cosmology back to this vision and this symbol. What inspired me to write Mirror in the Sky was my discovery that this entire episode (during which I kept a detailed journal of dreams, thoughts and so on) was paralleled very closely by planetary conjunctions and phenomena. As such, an uncanny parallel between my inner experiences and astrological auguries was discovered, and is explored in this unusual book. Here's the Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Dreams

Chapter Two: Journey

Chapter Three: Vision

Chapter Four: Mirror

Chapter Five: Fruits

Chapter Six: Tree

Chapter Seven: Hieros Gamos

"I felt deeply alive on that warm day, and communed with my heart - heart of Earth, heart of Sky. Birds flying by seemed to give me their blessing, and ants did not bother me as I sat in the sandy soil. The air was clean and seemed like food. I took in each breath like it was food for my spirit. I did not wear my glasses, and after hours of cleansing tears the distant treetops were crisply in focus.

A sacred space in my heart flooded into the land and everything was transfigured by a light of beauty. Where I was at internally seemed to have an effect on my surroundings. The trees swayed in the sun-made breeze, and the grass rippled in dancing waves. Everything offered up praise to the sun, which was a vaguely sensed, invisible presence above. I too, for the first time in my life, did the same. My God was an invisible presence above the sun. My vision quest was not planned, but the timing of it seemed right. That night I had a vision..."

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*Graphics from this cover are adapted from copyrighted sources, The Bhaktivedenta Book Trust (meditating yogi) and Laurence Blair's Rhythms of Vision (the fancy border), and can not be duplicated for profit.