Other writers who have written about the alignment

As I wrote in Appendix 1 to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, I am not the first to recognize that a solstice-galaxy alignment looms before us. Others include:
Terence McKenna
Daniel Giamario
Ray Mardyks
James Roylance
Nick Fiorenza
Moira Timms
Jose Arguelles writes of "Galactic alignment," but it's not clear in his writings if he's referring to the solstice-galaxy alignment. He probably is, but my work is very different in nature than his. I've sought to prove that the Maya intended their 2012 end-date (which was determined when they created the Long Count calendar some 2100 years ago) to mark the solstice-galaxy alignment by identifying how and where the Maya incorporated the solstice-galaxy alignment into their traditions and institutions

These writers have all recognized the solstice-galaxy alignment as an important transformative event. Again, I don't claim to be the first. What I do claim is to have explained how the image-concept of the alignment - an alignment of the solstice sun with the Milky Way - was incorporated into Maya institutions such as the Creation myth, the ballgame, and king accession rites. In sorting through and synthesizing data from the academic literature, I offer overwhelming proof that the Maya intentionally placed the end of their 13-baktun cycle in A.D. 2012 to mark the alignment of the solstice sun with the Milky Way. Furthermore, I identify that the Maya believed that era-2012 would be a time of great transformation. Given that ouir current era is a time of great change, unparalleled in known history, I also suggest that perhaps there is truth behind this Maya belief.