Endorsements for Pyramid of Fire:

"Marty Matz is the lost Beat genius and Pyramid of Fire is everything from his spiritual autobiography to a classic world text of enlightenment, letting the wisdom of the Aztecs unfold alongside Marty's epic and tortuous quest to find meaning in his own life. The juxtaposition of the wisdom of the Aztecs and Marty's stories and memoirs and the commentary of scholar John Major Jenkins gives us a map of the inner resources by which we all may find our way to the same light that guided Marty through such a splendidly fulfilled life."

            —Gerald Nicosia, poet and author of Memory, Babe: A Critical Biography of Jack Kerouac

"The Pyramid of Fire is part of the highest esoteric tradition of mankind ... a lucid and insightful commentary born of a sound grasp of the Perennial Philosophy."

            —Estefan Lambert, author of The Solar Body and The Cleaving of the Moon

"Ancient Mexico lives again in this amazing retrieval of an Aztec pictorial and oral tradition. Marty and John lead the reader to places undiscovered by archaeologists and ethnologists."

            —Bruce Scofield, author of Day-Signs: Native American Astrology From Ancient Mexico

"Marty Matz, akashic wizard and shamanic warrior, gives us a masterpiece in song and saga. ... A revelation for all time!"

            —Ira Cohen, poet and author of Poems from the Akashic Record

"Like shamans throwing light into the deepest recesses of night, John Major Jenkins and Martin Matz poetically illuminate the secret knowledge contained in the Pyramid of Fire. Jenkins and Matz are elucidators and keepers of the rarest flame."

            —Laki Vazakas, director of the video documentaries Huncke and Louis and Burma: Traces of the Buddha

On Amazon.com: Review of Pyramid of Fire. Hidden wisdom of Aztec codex, September 11, 2005. Reviewer: Stephen Swales "Sleepingfish" (USA)

John Major Jenkins is best known for his facinating work on the Mayan calendar, such as Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Galactic Alignment. In this book, he explores the Aztec culture, and in particular an unknown codex discovered by his co-author friend Marty Matz, a 'beat poet' of the 1950s generation. In the book Jenkins provides a complete listing of the 13-page codex, along with his own commentary on its meaning. In addition, there is an autobiographical novella written by Marty, which reminded me of the writings of Carlos Castaneda. Jenkins is convinced of the authenticity of the codex and its part in the 'perennial philosophy'.

I was particularly intrigued by the parallels of the writings of the codex with those of other esoteric sources, particularly the writings of George Gurdjieff, Gnostic, Hermetic. Kabbalah, Hebrew and Christian scripture. Jenkins seems to have a profound grasp of the esoteric meaning behind the writings of the Mayan, Aztec and other Meso-America cultures and their part in the perennial philosophy of the ages. Jenkins is a gifted writer and scholar and I recommend this book wholeheartedly.