Quetzalcoatl's Return
October 9, 1998
This poem emerged spontaneously in October of 1998. Now I see that it is the third in a trilogy of poems, each of which speaks to one of the three comsic centers that I eventually identified within Maya cosmology. Stranger still is the fact that, without conscious intention on my part, they were written in the month of October at three year intervals. The first, One Hunahpu, was written in October of 1992, and is about the deity of the Galactic Center. The second, Itzam Ye, was written in October of 1995 - as part of the Key to the Dreamspell Agenda piece - and is about the vain and false ruler Seven Macaw, Lord of the Polar Center. Thus the Cosmic Center Trilogy emerged over a six year period, from 1992 to 1998 - but only in retrospect has the muse's intention been revealed. The poem that follows is the last to emerge, and is about Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Zenith Center.

Quetzalcoatl's Return

Quetzal bird flies from the stars
Leaves a gift and makes it ours
The Seven Sisters reach to earth
Mix the altars, bring a birth
And we the singers of the end
Open outward to defend
Our magic galactic heritage
That comes from Mother-Father marriage
Up above the pyramid
A knowledge comes that once was hid
Bringing together different courses
Kin and Tzab now join their forces
But the dark twin of the Serpent Bird
Thinks he knows the secret word
Decides to deify delusion
Sets his mind to breed confusion
Gets the Quetzal Man all drunk
Makes him sin, now he's sunk
Throws himself into the fire
to purify the stinking liar
After all, it's really him
The other half that makes him dim
It's all a part of Master Plan
To make us all the same old clan
Tezcat slinks away, go, go!
You got nothing that we want to know
And Quetzal rises from the fire
Becoming Venus, higher, higher

Now we see he has two faces
Comes at us from different places
One is evening, one is morning
One is dying, one is borning
Beyond it all, the rattle seeds
join with sun to meet our needs
At the dawning of the age
Sets us free from ego cage
Quetzal comes to set the stage
Frees us from Tezcatli's rage
And in the end we'll see just how
The serpent bird returns, and now
we know the stars are part of it
When sun and sisters come to sit
inside the throne of center sky
we then will see the reasons why
To grow in mind both sides are needed
So higher consciousness gets seeded
Within our hearts, from yin to yang
Back beyond the big old bang
Creation forces writhe as one
Inflate the moon, define the sun
With light to dark they once did spawn
The morning dew that feeds the dawn
Subtle nectar from your brain
Clears a path but causes pain
Don't worry, phantoms burn away
To make more space to face the day

Long ago, at Teotihuacan
The ancient priests once gazed upon
The zenith sun arising eastward
Preceeded by the feathered bird
The Pleiades rose with zenith sun
And hinted that they might be one
On a future day to come
But the flight had just begun
The priests made offerings to the fire
To make the Pleiades rise higher
Quetzal bird, in sky you sing
with the sun and with your wing
You come to earth from Pleiades
Cause confusion to the bees
Reorient their starward flying
and begin the daily dying
Zenith, sun, your cosmic throne
Helps us find galactic tone
to synchronize our sinking souls
reawaken stellar goals
Now we know, that plumed array
is here today, to mix and play
Together with One Hunahpu,
You show us all that we can do
A rising human symphony
Who long to climb the Sacred Tree