Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies. Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Bayside, CA. 330 pages, annotated bibliography, index, many illustrations.

This book was written in 1991-1992 and was published with Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in 1994. It has recently gone out of print. Tzolkin was reisssued as a CD-Rom with additional essays on the count controversy and the Venus Calendar that, according to my reconstruction, is due to restart on April 3, 2001 A.D. For excerpts from Tzolkin, visit the old city.

front cover
Original front cover art, from 1992 Four Ahau Press first edition

Bruce Scofield's 1995 review of Tzolkin

Article on the material in Tzolkin that I published in The Borderland's Journal in August, 1994.

Reader response to that article, with my rebuttal