Tzolkin and Tzolkin 2

The long awaited re-release of Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies is here! Originally published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in 1994, Jenkins' groundbreaking study of Mayan calendrics and cosmology explores the calendar correlation question and reconstructs the Mayan Venus calendar. The visionary and ceremonial uses of the sacred calendar are discussed, and a plethora of additional essays, a glossary of terms, and an annotated bibliography are included. The content of this Tzolkin CD is designed in HTML-website format, for use on IBM-PC computers. In addition, this CD contains a compendium of related articles, reviews, debates, letters, and small studies under the heading Tzolkin 2. This sequel to Tzolkin also contains a complete book, 7 Wind: A Quiché Maya Calendar for 1993.

Instructions: Place the Tzolkin CD in the CD-Rom drive. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the CD-Rom drive and double-click on the file called "ACCESS Tzolkin HERE.html".

Copyright ©1992, 1994 and 2002. John Major Jenkins ------


ISBN: 0-945685-16-5. Four Ahau Press. For IBM-PC.

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