The Way to 2012

For the Fourth International Mayan Dreamtime Festival, Glastonbury, September 24-26, 1999

John Major Jenkins

The Maya have provided us with the key to understanding the global transformation. The key is our current alignment to the Galactic Center, through the solstice doorway. This type of alignment is caused by the precession of the equinoxes, and occurs once every 13,000 years. It is now clear that many ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian and Vedic, believed that these Galactic alignments stimulate consciousness evolution on the planet.

It is my belief that the rapidly changing dynamics and evolutionary pressures involved in what we are moving through demands that we approach the profound wisdom of Maya calendar cosmology with clarity. Clarity comes from understanding the Maya calendar and the Maya insights into the "end-time" dynamics as preserved in their Creation mythology and other traditions. An important facet of their Creation myth speaks about the vain and false ruler, Seven Macaw. The Hero Twins had to expose and do away with Seven Macaw so that their murdered father, One Hunahpu, could be reborn from the Great Mother Milky Way. On an astronomical level, this indicates a shift from polar symbolism to galactic symbolism. On a spiritual level, it bodes a shift from limited either-or thinking (polar thinking) to the multidimensional perception of our galactic destiny. On the human level, the Maya Creation myth offers an age-old lesson about hubris, egotism, and setting up hierarchies of control. We see this in our modern world in the control of minds through propaganda and shame-based loyalty to life-destroying habits of thought and behavior.

As we search more deeply in the coming years for the ancient insights into universal truth that have been increasingly obscured by our descent into spiritual darkness, we must hold to the principle of clarity. The solstice-galaxy alignment that the Maya intended their 2012 date to target is the end of humanity's descent into deepening illusion and confusion. We are about to turn the corner and begin a 13,000-year ascent phase, toward a new Golden Age of light and truth revealed. However, at this critical juncture all the control systems and delusion-generating propaganda will be making a final effort to destroy life and consciousness on the planet. This is our test, to strengthen our ability to discern the truth from the fiction, and to create freedom for our shared futures rather than attach ourselves to new dogmas and controlling systems.

The three keys to finding our way to 2012:
Direct experience. Clarity. Discernment = December 21, 2012 = the tzolkin calendar date 4 AHAU