The Phidias hypermedia engine was augmented in 1996 with a template mechanism to dynamically generate and serve html (or any text) from queries. Since we had recently completed NASA's Man Systems Integration Standards database, we were quickly able to deliver this over the web in 1996, and continue to do so without any funding. This is unfortunate since NASA has since given considerably more money to their contractors to implent an online MSIS using 'Commercial Off the Shelf Software'... it has been more than five years later there is still nothing to show for it.

NOTE Netscape 6 users will get blank pages. All other browsers on the planet work fine.

In order to view the Living and Working in Space video links, you will need to obtain and install the free RealPlayer 5.0 from the RealNetworks website.

Here are three different 'interfaces' to the same database, each based on different html templates...

Most recent template evolved based on evaluation.

Basic MSIS
similar to post phaseII cgi prototype

MSIS using tables
uses tables to control formatting and handles crossreference links

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