I suppose I got a little too big for my britches, pulling too much speed in a potentially dangerous area, with not enough riding experience to handle the situation. My body paid a small price for my foolishness (I think I believe in guardian angels now), but my bike took a wicked beating.

I hit the brakes at about 85 mph in a mild corner, locked up my front brake and low-sided; I (and the accident investigation people) figure I was maybe down to 70 mph when I hit the ground. I slid along the ground for nearly 200 feet before slipping off the edge of the road. I was surrounded on 3 sides by cars and on the other side by a river with lots of big pointy boulders and several street signs. And I somehow avoided them all! My helmet (now heavily chipped) saved my life; my leather jacket (severly scuffed) saved my chest and arms; my hefty boots (the metals buckles at the ankels shaved completely clean of the words that used to be imprinted in them) saved my feet. My jeans did nothing to protect my knees, but I had long-johns on that day as it was a little chilly, and, amazingly, they totally saved my butt. I had gloves on, too, but they took quite a beating. So I ended up with a big knot in my left hip area where I first hit the ground, one knee being flayed open, and my right hand, despite having no broken bones, was pretty severly damaged--two months in a cast, surgery, and 6 months in therapy.

Fortunately, I did not follow the same path as my bike. The RGV slid straight off the edge of the road, went flying through the air and apparently hit several boulders and tumbled end-over-end before landing in the river. It had to be fished out of the water. Virtually everything on it was broken, all the way down to the key even! The frame is bashed, the swingarm bent, the rear wheel in 3 or 4 peices, all fairings pulverized, gauges smashed, triple clamp dented, forks scratched, gas tank crumpled... Mega damage!

detailed details (probably more than you want to know) Being a writer by nature, I of course wrote out the "story" of the crash a few weeks later for my journal.

I suppose if I do actually find myself pursuing racing, I will probably have more crash stories to tell!

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