A comparison of the economics and outlook for liquefaction of natural gas versus conversion of natural gas to Fischer-Tropsch liquids as ways of bringing remote gas reserves to market.

Assessment of dimethyl ether as a non-polluting alternative fuel for diesel engines.

Technical assistance in developing a national strategy for alternative transportation fuels for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the United States Department of Energy.

Technical Evaluation and Assessment of CNG/LPG Bi-Fuel and Flex-Fuel Vehicle Availability. A study for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, looking at new concepts with benefits over CNG/gasoline bifuel vehicles.

Economic Analysis of the Potential Market for LNG Transit Buses in Mexico. A detailed economic and business analysis for a manufacturer of cryogenic equipment.

The Movement to Alternative Motor Fuels--Technology Needs and Markets. An in-house seminar for a major automobile components manufacturer.

United States Auto Propane Commercialization Study. Development of a business strategy for one of the largest retail distributors of propane. Analysis of regulations, emissions, economic and safety issues.

Transportation Fuels--The Next Twenty Years. An in-house seminar for a major oil company.

Survey of the present and future incremental capital costs for alternative-fuel vehicles. Included estimates of retail distribution costs for alternative fuels.

Comparison of liquefied methane versus compressed natural gas as an automotive fuel. Defined the cost and other criteria which would influence the choice of one fuel or the other.

Methanol outlook: Assessment of marketing possibilities for the coal refinery concept using coproduction of electric power and methanol. For a major utility investigating future bulk power marketing opportunities.

Alcohol fuels supply/demand review. Survey of United States and world methanol and ethanol industries. Construction of short-term, mid-term and long-term supply curves. Consideration of manufacturing, distribution and retailing costs. Effect of methane source on final consumer cost.

Alternative Transportation Fuels. An in-house seminar for a major U.S. gasoline marketer.

Current and potential future performance of ethanol fuels. A technical analysis of emissions and vehicle efficiencies. Comparison of ethanol to diesel fuel and reformulated gasoline.

Design of a national conference on alternative motor fuels for fleets.

Industrial market assessment for the hydrogen produced from low-rank coals. Analysis of the long-term potential for a hydrogen economy. A technical competition analysis for hydrogen produced by catalyzed gasification of low-rank coal. Identified segment of potential market where client's process would have a unique advantage.

Marketing study for coke, sulfur, ammonia, and LPG byproducts.

Engineering analysis and market evaluation for a New Mexico natural gas liquids extraction plant.

Feasibility study and market analysis for a Colorado ethanol plant.

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