Marketing Studies

Competitive analysis of a coal shipping terminal. Evaluation for a purchase offer. Comparison to other rail-to-barge terminals and long-term outlook as a function of rail connections and coal transport trends.

Lignite marketing feasibility study. Comprehensive analysis of market potential for lignite and lignite derived products. Included electric power, fuel substitutes, overseas exports, upgraded fuels, chemicals and other nonfuel products. Transportation costs, upgrading costs and competition with Powder River Basin coals were key components of the study.

Assessment of marketing possibilities for the coal refinery concept using coproduction of electric power. Focused on methanol and its downstream products. For a major utility investigating future bulk power marketing opportunities.

Evaluation of the marketing possibilities for char from North Dakota lignite as an adsorbent for air pollution control at municipal waste combustors.

Industrial market assessment for the hydrogen produced from low-rank coals. A technical competition analysis for hydrogen produced by catalyzed gasification of low-rank coal.

Kansas coal utilization study. Identified ways to expand the market for Kansas coal. Estimated potential size and locations of markets.

Comprehensive market study for the products available from the mild gasification of coal. Potential applications, specifications, prices and market volumes were determined for solid, liquid and gaseous products.

Market assessment for liquid byproducts from the Great Plains coal gasification plant. Included both fuels and coal-tar-based chemicals.

Assessment of innovative development strategies for San Juan Basin coal. Included conventional coal markets, coal slurries, coal conversion, and byproducts from coal ash.

Market outlook for southern Wyoming coal.

Marketing study for coproduct and byproduct liquids from a Wyoming coal gasification plant.

Markets for methanol and gasoline from a New Mexico coal conversion plant.

Long-term market outlook for liquid products from underground coal gasification in Alberta.

Production and markets for Powder River Basin Coal.

Future Market for Regenerable Sulfur Sorbents Used in FBC Processes.

Powder River Basin Coal Markets to 2010.

Potential market for use of nahcolite in flue gas desulfurization systems for new coal-fired utility powerplants.

Mining, Reserve Evaluation

Acquisition study of mine in eastern Pennsylvania--verification of reserves and detailed cash flow projections for operating mine.

Acquisition study of Kentucky coal operations.

Acquisition study of underground mine in Wyoming.

Coal source evaluation in Rocky Mountain region. Fields, reserves, quality, existing mines, ownership, transportation.

Coal mine acquisition study--Colorado and Utah.

Multi-Client Studies

"Solid Fuels For U.S. Industry." This report covered all aspects of coal utilization from mining and transportation to direct coal combustion, coal gasification, coal liquefaction, coal/oil mixtures and price and market forecasts.

"Competition in World Steam Coal Exports." Country-by-country analysis and projection of coal demands and of coal mining and transportation costs.

"Underground Gasification of Lignite." A technical and economic analysis.

"Alternative Energy Sources." Covering economics of coal conversion and other synthetic fuel sources.

Coal Conversion

Evaluation of coretorting oil shale and coal.

Development of process flow diagrams for a mild gasification process.

Invented the Rockwell Flash Hydropyrolysis process for coal liquefaction and gasification. U.S. Patent Number 4,169,128 and others.

Invented a microwave process for coal liquefaction, which was studied under a Department of Energy grant to the Colorado School of Mines. Patent 4,180,452.

Performed a feasibility analysis for installing a low-BTU coal gasifier system at an existing industrial and commercial park.

Comparison of underground coal gasification economics with Lurgi coal gasification economics for a private client.

Developed a new concept for the economic utilization of low-BTU gas from coal, "Mixed Fuel Gas: A Technically, Economically and Environmentally Superior Way to Supplement Natural Gas Supplies," presented at American Nuclear Society Conference on Non-Conventional Energy Resources.

Responsible for the technical evaluation of coal conversion inventions for the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Technology Evaluation and Assessment.

An assessment of underground coal gasification.

Technical analysis of applicability of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor process heat to coal conversion processes.

Study "Technology of Producing Methanol from Coal."

Evaluation of long-term feasibility of underground coal gasification for the province of Alberta.

Evaluation of technologies for providing clean, coal-based solid and solid-mixture fuels.

Analysis of routes for chemical feedstock from coal: "Coal Hydrogenation: A New Direction Needed?"

Evaluation and calculation of net present value of coal gasification patents and technology.

Site selection study for a coal conversion plant.

Evaluation of blast furnace coal gasifier.

Study "Synthetic Fuels from Coal."

Coal Drying, Processing, Combustion

Evaluation of K-Fuel process applied to North Dakota lignite.

Evaluation of process for manufacture of formcoke.

Technical and economic comparison between installing a coal gasifier to supply existing gas-fired boilers versus installation of new coal-fired boilers.

Pilot scale coal drying tests for coal gasification group.

Coal drying design studies based on the Parry coal dryer.

"Coal as a Direct Alternative to Oil--A Short-Term Assessment."

Environmental, Other

Incentives for Lignite Generation. A comparative analysis of business incentives offered by 14 different states for new or expanded coal-fired electric powerplants.

Participated in a month-long Environmental Protection Agency expert mission to China, to study ways of utilizing methane emitted from Chinese coal mines.

Management support for North Dakota Industrial Commission and Lignite Research Council.

Development of "Multi-Media Environmental Control Engineering Handbook," summarizing pollution control technology for fossil fuels industries, for EPA.

Coordinated and edited a multi-company project for the Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate available data relating to establishing pollution control standards for coal gasification plants employing Lurgi gasifiers.

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