Market analysis for a method of controlling mercury and dioxin emissions from municipal waste combustors.

Supervised development of "Multimedia Environmental Control Engineering Handbook,". Summarizing pollution control technology for fossil fuels industries, for United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Preparation of groundwater monitoring plan for hazardous leakage from chemical waste pond.

Coordinated and edited a multicompany project for the United States Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate new source performance standards for coal gasification plants employing Lurgi gasifiers.

Evaluation of the status of permits for a commercial oil shale venture. Recommendations for a potential joint-venture participant. Covered EIS, PDS, NPDES, RCRA requirements plus state and local permit requirements.

Carried out R&D program under United States Environmental Protection Agency funding to develop methods of sealing leaking containers of hazardous waste materials.

Determination of most feasible options for treatment and disposal of mine drainage waters.

Analysis of groundwater pollution problems for "Mine-Water Handling Plan for XXXX Fuels Corporation Mine".

Analysis of explosion and fire hazards due to oil shale dust in an oil shale mine.

Design and supervision of environmental baseline field monitoring program for hydrology. Technical manager and major author of "Oil Shale Tract C-b Environmental Baseline Program Volume II—Hydrology." Included presentations to Oil Shale Environmental Advisory Panel.

Mathematical modeling of process for deep well re-injection of mine waste water.

Study of moisture migration through mine waste pile.

Preparation of Spill Contingency Plan.

Prepared air emissions estimates for input to air quality modeling effort.

Analysis of 404 permit requirements.

Estimation of secondary emissions from off-site developments. For PSD application.

Comparative environmental analysis of oil shale retorts. Focus on expected air emissions.

Oil pipeline permits. Requirements and timetable.

Coordination of NPDES permit for deep-well injection of mine water.

Experimental assessment of explosion hazard of various high-energy propellants and their components.

Monitoring of research contract to evaluate toxic and carcinogenic hazards of shale oil products and byproducts.

Report "Environmental Perspective on the Emerging Oil Shale Industry," assisted in preparation for United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Assessment of Institute of Gas Technology hydroretorting process. Evaluation of environmental effects and recommendations for sampling program.

Potential for gaseous emissions from spent shale pile.

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