Competitive analysis of a coal shipping terminal. Evaluation for a purchase offer. Comparison to other rail-to-barge terminals and long-term outlook as a function of rail connections and coal transport trends.

Auto propane commercialization study. Analysis of the United States market potential for propane (LPG) in the transportation sector. The impacts of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the Energy Policy Act of 1992, and state and local legislation were considered in conjunction with projected prices of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles to forecast the market demand for propane as a vehicular fuel in the next 10 years.

Lignite marketing feasibility study. Comprehensive analysis of market potential for lignite and lignite-derived products. Included electric power, fuel substitutes, overseas exports, upgraded fuels, chemicals and other non-fuel products. Transportation costs, upgrading costs and competition with Powder River Basin coals were key components of the study.

Assessment of marketing possibilities for the coal refinery concept using coproduction of electric power. Focused on methanol and its downstream products. For a major utility investigating future bulk power marketing opportunities.

Evaluation of the marketing possibilities for char from North Dakota lignite as an adsorbent for air pollution control at municipal waste combustors. Estimated total pollution control costs compared to other technologies. Projected ultimate market size and achievable return on investment for char production.

Alcohol fuels supply/demand review. Survey of United States and world methanol and ethanol industries. Construction of short-term, mid-term and long-term supply curves. Consideration of manufacturing, distribution and retailing costs. Effect of methane source on final consumer cost.

Comparison of liquefied methane versus compressed natural gas as an automotive fuel. Defined the cost and other criteria which would influence the choice of one fuel or the other.

Industrial market assessment for the hydrogen produced from low-rank coals. Analysis of the long-term potential for a hydrogen economy. A technical competition analysis for hydrogen produced by catalyzed gasification of low-rank coal. Identified segment of potential market where client's process would have a unique advantage.

Kansas coal utilization study. Identified ways to expand the market for Kansas coal. Estimated potential size and locations of markets. Calculated costs and benefits of possible state incentives.

An assessment of opportunities and market potentials for niche market products from western oil shale. Calculated possible rate of return for making asphalt additives from shale oil.

Comprehensive market study for the products available from the mild gasification of coal. Potential applications, specifications, prices and market volumes were determined for solid, liquid and gaseous products. Focused on possible premium values for char in order to make overall process economical.

Market assessment for liquid byproducts from the Great Plains coal gasification plant. Included both fuels and coal-tar-based chemicals.

Assessment of innovative development strategies for San Juan Basin coal. Included conventional coal markets, coal slurries, coal conversion, and byproducts from coal ash.

Shale oil specialty markets: screening survey for United States applications.

Analysis of markets and optimization of tariffs for a mid-continent refined products pipeline.

Marketing study for coke, sulfur, ammonia, and LPG byproducts from a shale oil plant.

Market evaluation for a New Mexico natural gas liquids extraction plant.

Estimation of market value for a Kentucky tar sands project.

Market outlook for southern Wyoming coal.

Colorado shale oil study: upgrading, transportation, netback, market volume.

Shale oil refining analysis to determine differential product value.

Marketing study for coproduct and byproduct liquids from a Wyoming coal gasification plant.

Markets for shale oil, coke, and LPG byproducts.

Long-term market outlook for liquid products from underground coal gasification in Alberta.

Production and markets for Powder River Basin Coal.

Feasibility study and market analysis for a Colorado ethanol plant.

Future market for regenerable sulfur sorbents used in FBC processes.

Powder River Basin Coal Markets to 2010.

Potential market for use of nahcolite in flue gas desulfurization systems.

Market study for 10,000 BPD western oil shale project. Focus on markets accessible without denitrification of raw shale oil.

Refined products from shale oil. Regional market study for 10,000 barrels per day upgrading and refining project.

Market analysis for a wave-driven electricity generation system.

Markets for methanol and gasoline from a New Mexico coal conversion plant.

Marketing study for raw shale oil from a 10,000 BPD project in Utah.

Study for U. S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation of marketing options for 1,000 BPD of shale oil from the Seep Ridge project.

Analysis of potential markets for shale oil fractions as specialty chemicals. This study illustrated that the optimum size for an oil shale facility based on specialty chemicals is below 5,000 barrels per day.

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