Over a period of 30 years, Dr. Sinor has accumulated a broad background in process engineering and development for the energy industry. Since 1985, he has been responsible for engineering activities at J. E. Sinor Consultants Inc. Before that, as manager of the Engineering Services Group for the Pace Company Consultants and Engineers, he directed a group of chemical engineers, mining engineers, environmental engineers and geologists.

As a member of the C-b Project Design Committee for Atlantic Richfield, Dr. Sinor participated in a review and analysis of surface oil shale retorting processes available for license to the C-b Project. The comparison included yields, energy balances, oil properties, limitations and probable costs. Dr. Sinor had specific responsibilities for running the economic analysis computer program utilizing both C-b and colony site input data.

At Rockwell International, Dr. Sinor invented the "Rockwell Flash Hydropyrolysis Process" for coal conversion which was developed for several years under Department of Energy funding. He was charged with finding applications for company technology in all areas of coal conversion processes.

As a process development engineer at Rockwell, he participated in the pilot-scale development and production of advanced ingredients, solid and liquid, for propellants and explosives. This required solution of problems in corrosion and materials compatibility, hazards analysis, remote control and operation, and continuous processing.

As senior engineer of the process engineering group he provided technical leadership for all chemical processing projects in the company. Initial process design and economic evaluations were prepared for a large number of chemicals, with more than a dozen carried through to actual pilot-scale production and large-scale economic analysis.

Following are selected examples of individual process engineering projects he has either carried out personally or directly supervised.

Pilot plants designed, built and operated for:

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