Retorting Technology

Evaluation of coretorting of oil shale and coal.

Technical and economic evaluation of three innovative technologies for oil shale recovery--pressurized fluidized-bed hydroretorting, supercritical fluid extraction, and microwave retorting.

Evaluation of a counter-current solid streams heat transfer retort. Technical and economic evaluation with recommendations to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Evaluation of retorting technology. Assigning a net worth to a major oil shale retorting process which had been developed through large-scale pilot demonstration.

Evaluation of oil shale retorting technologies for recovery of oil from diatomaceous earth. Comparison of available processes to that under development by the client.

Feasibility of a retorting process for eastern shale. Analysis of pilot plant data and recommendations for future development.

Retort comparison. An evaluation of the Lurgi and Chevron processes. Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis with computer simulation of the effect of shale grade.

Feasibility analysis of a near-surface retorting concept. Preliminary design and cost estimate.

Applications for a HTGR in retorting oil shale. Heat and material balances to estimate the value of an external heat source.

Technical consultant to the World Bank for an overseas oil shale development project.

Responsible for the technical evaluation of oil shale-related inventions for the United States Department of Energy, Office of Energy-Related Inventions.

Modeling of oil shale retorting processes. Provided mathematical models for U.S. Department of Energy economic simulator.

As a member of the C-b Process Design Committee for Atlantic Richfield, participated in a review and analysis of surface oil shale retorting processes available for license to the C-b Project.

Economic Analysis And Market Studies

Evaluation and analysis of the Stuart Project in Australia for a potential major investor. Development of guidelines and marker values for future hold-or-sell decisions. 1998.

Under funding from the United States Agency for International Development assisted the Estonian oil shale industry in finding markets for phenolic byproducts from retorting.

Marketing assessment of the feasibility of producing premium asphalt for highway applications in a small-scale Western oil shale project. Included market projections and calculation of potential premium value.

Market-oriented assessment of the clean-burning attributes of hydrotreated shale oil as a feedstock for transportation fuels.

Marketing analysis for demonstration-scale shale oil plant in Indiana. Including byproduct sulfuric acid.

Feasibility study for producing specialty chemicals from Colorado oil shale. Covering market possibilities, also production processes other than retorting and refining.

Market study for 10,000-barrel per day Western oil shale project. Focus on markets accessible without denitrification of raw shale oil.

Consultant to U. S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation to review marketing study submitted by oil shale project applicant.

Economic analysis of combined modified in situ and surface retorting of oil shale. Results correlated to a richness ratio between surface and in situ fractions.

Marketing study for coke, sulfur, ammonia, and LPG byproducts from a shale oil plant.

Colorado oil shale marketing study. Covering upgrading routes, transportation costs, refinery acceptability, market value, and netback to plant.

Estimation and evaluation of physical and chemical properties of synthetic crudes from shale, and refinery processing options and costs.

Evaluated oil shale joint-venture opportunity in United States for European client.

Cost estimate for small-scale retorting plants. A comparison of various technologies at the scale of 2,000 tons per day.

Refined products from shale oil. Regional market study for 10,000 barrels per day upgrading and refining project.

Eastern oil shale feasibility. Resource survey, technology assessment, capital and operating cost estimate.

Market outlook for shale oil byproducts.

Market assessment for nahcolite from oil shale.

Economic analysis for commercial scale multimineral oil shale project. Prepared in support of an application to the Synthetic Fuels Corporation.

Performed economic analyses of both Colony and C-b projects for Atlantic Richfield.

Resource Evaluation, Mining, Geology

Resource evaluation for hold-or-sell decision for a major (10,000-acre plus) oil shale property. Considered historic prices paid for oil shale mineral rights as well as a net present value calculation of future potential. 1998.

Evaluation and assessment of a major oil shale property for use in tax court proceedings. 1998.

Survey of oil shale resources in South America.

Survey of the oil shale resources of Nevada.

Worldwide survey of high-yield oil shale deposits. High yield was defined as yields in excess of 36 gallons per ton by Fischer Assay in seams at least 1.5 meters thick.

Oil shale sampling program. Selection of stratigraphic interval in surface outcrops to match sodium mineral suite at proposed deep underground mine site.

Estimation of current market value for Colorado fee property. Consideration of effect of severing oil and gas rights.

Strategy study for owner of oil shale fee properties. Costs and potential benefits of holding for long-term development versus possible current revenue from sale.

Analysis of long-term trends in prices for oil shale mineral rights and possible correlation to oil prices and other factors.

Preliminary mine design and feasibility study for Colorado oil shale property.

Analysis of explosivity hazard of oil shale dust.

Developed plan for disposal of mine water from a deep oil shale mine.

Oil shale exploration program. Design and management of corehole drilling program. Geological analysis and reserve computation.

Evaluation of the black shale resources of Kentucky. Geologic review, mineral right ownership, mining and retorting technology.


Design and supervision of environmental baseline field monitoring program for hydrology, C-b Shale Oil Project.

Technical manager and major author of "Oil Shale Tract C-b Environmental Baseline Program Volume II-Hydrology". Included presentations to Oil Shale Environmental Advisory Panel.

Mathematical modeling of process for deep well re-injection of mine water.

Study of moisture migration through spent shale pile.


Evaluation of the status of permits for a commercial oil shale venture (C-b Project). Recommendations for a potential joint venture participant.

Preparation of Spill Contingency Plan for oil shale project.

Prepared air emissions estimates for input to air quality modeling effort.

Comparative environmental analysis of oil shale retorts. Focus on air emissions.

Analysis of 404 permit requirements.

Estimation of secondary emissions from off-site developments for PSD application.

Assessment of IGT hydroretorting process. Evaluation of environmental effects and recommendations for sampling program.

Shale oil pipeline permits. Requirements and timetable.

Environmental perspective on the emerging oil shale industry. Prepared for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Potential for gaseous emissions from spent shale pile.

Participated in initial work on Detailed Development Plan, and analysis of permits required for C-b Shale Oil Project.

Coordination of NPDES permits for deep-well injection of mine water.


Served as expert witness in 1998 court case involving Texaco’s oil shale water rights.

Served as expert witness in 1998 water court case involving the expected future value of Chevron's Clear Creek oil shale property.

A 1997 review of previous studies carried out concerning XXXX Company's oil shale properties in Colorado.

Served as expert witness in 1997 court case involving the expected future value of unpatented oil shale claims owned by Exxon.

Served as expert witness for Occidental in court case involving relative value of oil shale assets.

Served on Oil Shale Peer Review Panel, to evaluate U.S. Department of Energy oil shale research programs.

Served as construction progress monitor on Colony oil shale project for the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation. Periodically verified that progress of construction was sufficient to authorize additional loan advances to Tosco.

Consultant to U.S. Department of Energy for developing long-range R&D goals for oil shale.

Prepared long-range forecasts for the oil shale industry as input to an econometric model of United States Energy Supply/Demand for a multiclient energy forecast.

Preparation of exhaustive seminar on United States oil shale for Japan Oil Shale Engineering Company.

Analysis of worldwide oil shale opportunities. For large overseas engineering and construction firm.

Review and evaluation of costs and benefits resulting from various oil shale strategies. For U.S. Department of Energy.

Identification of probable compositions of synthetic crudes from shale oil.

Manage publication of Sinor Synthetic Fuels Report. Covers all aspects of oil shale development.

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