In October General Motors, Monsanto, British Petroleum and the World Resources Institute called for actions to reduce the risk of climate change. For more than 18 months, the group evaluated scenarios for meeting future world energy demand, explored new technologies and potential business opportunities, and reviewed how different policies could encourage businesses and consumers to respond.

The group noted that while climate science is evolving, there is a growing consensus that action is merited. Further, it found that the long-term nature of the challenge means that durable policy pathways need to be identified that can maximize sustainable economic development and environmental protection.

Partners agreed that the climate challenge provides business and industry an opportunity to lead and innovate, by offering products and services that take advantage of markets driven by climate policy. Business has strategic responsibility to its employees, shareholders, customers and the public to respond to the global climate issue through the following actions:

Moreover, they called for government actions that are also essential to reduce the risk of climate change and put society on a long-term path to stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations, including:

The group will continue to work collaboratively to implement the agenda in the next phase of the initiative. The "action agenda" includes:

The group said it also hopes its cooperative effort inspires others to engage in the climate debate and to undertake similar commitments.

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