Rentech Inc., the Denver-based holding company and developer, marketer and licensor of a proprietary process for the conversion of gas and solid hydrocarbon-bearing materials into valuable liquid hydrocarbons announced in October that it was moving its Gas-To-Liquids (GTL) research and test facility from Pueblo, Colorado, to a new location in Denver, Colorado.

According to Rentech, the relocation will provide the company with a modern research facility which is convenient and accessible to support its continuous technology improvement efforts. Further, the facility expansion and the additional new test equipment will furnish Rentech with the tools and continued support necessary to insure that Rentech’s GTL process technology remains in the forefront of this rapidly growing sector of the oil and gas industry.

"Moving and improving our technical facility is a priority. Pueblo served us well in the early going. The distance of the facility from the home office and the need to update our research and development capabilities has made this move essential. The ever increasing interest in GTL makes it imperative that we as a company maintain the high technological standards we have set for ourselves as well as the industry," stated D. Yakobson of Rentech.

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