great wall, janshanling


Summer Palace summer palace

Summer Palace, 17-Arch Bridge 17 arch bridge

Prince Gong's Palace prince gong's palace

Forbidden City forbidden city

Forbidden City golden locks forbidden city golden lock


Labrang Monastery labrang wall

Labrang Monastery, Pilgrim's Way [2nd Place in category, Louisville National Photography Exhibition, 2007; accepted to Gilpin County Art Assoc. National Art Exhibition, 2008] pilgrim's way

Yellow Gate gate to hillside

Monastery Courtyard labrang courtyard

Li River Region

Guilin guilin pagoda

Guilin park guilin bridges

Chinese Leprechauns chinese leprechauns

Yangshuo yangshuo pond

Longji Rice Terraces longi rice terrace

Dang Jia Shan Village

Abandoned Yao (traditional cave-home) djs abandoned yao

Courtyard gate lock djs gate lock

Sheep [accepted to National Greeley Arts Exhibition, 2008] djs sheep

Family courtyard djs courtyard view

Yao door (traditional cave-home) djs yao door

Lock to yao door (traditional cave-home) djs yao lock

Xianglu Temple, Jiaxian County xianglu temple


Yungang Caves yungang cave buddha


Five Pagoda Temple five pagoda temple


Gao Miao, incense burner gao miao incense burner

Gao Miao, doors gao miao doors

Gao Miao, monk's laundry [accepted to Gilpin County Arts Assoc. National Art Exhibition, 2008] gao miao monk shirt

Xian region

Huashan (mountain), lover's locks huashan locks

Xian park in Xian

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