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I have been working and playing with computers since I was a kid. During that time computer hardware and software has become unbelievably more powerful (anything is more powerful than my old TRS80). Yet with all this power, I was unable to really use the computer as an effective art medium and stuck with pen & ink. In 1994 I got the crucial component a pen tablet for my computer. I was amazed at what could be done with the right software...
these images were created with 486/66, 24meg and calcomp pen tablet.

ecastle 1 ecastle
1280x2000 pixels
Photoshop 2.5 & Corel Stock Photography
1350x960 pixels
Photoshop 2.5 & Corel Stock Photography
ecastle 3
combustion "combustion"
750x750 pixels
Fractal Painter 3.0
2545x2189 pixels
Photoshop 2.5, 3.0

'other media' Honorable Mention in 1996 Boulder Art Association Spring show.
Used as the album cover for Ben Hardwidge's Metropolis.
edraw edraw unfinished
vector (no resolution)
CorelDRAW 5.0 with much frusteration
"darkness at noon"
5/95 2400x1600 pixels
Fractal Painter 3.0
darkness at noon
mystifeye "mystifeye"
12/94 1060x960 pixels
Fractal Painter 3.0
7/95 1100x1100 pixels
Fractal Painter 3.0
ehenge ehenge
1280x1000 pixels
Photoshop 2.5, Fractal Painter 2.0 & Corel Professional Photos
1280x1000 pixels
Fractal Painter 2.0 & Photoshop 2.5
turbulence "turbulence"
12/94 1500x1500 pixels
Fractal Painter 2.0
1/95 900x750 pixels
Fractal Painter 2

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