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After my old pen tablet broke, it took me more than two years to get around to buying a new one. I did so shortly after a three week trip to England where I took tons of great photos to use as source material (though some of the photos do just fine with out any manipulation). Hopefully my new tablet will hold up better than the old one did.
these images were created with Pentium166, 96meg and wacom pen tablet s
Culture Shock "Culture Shock"
7/97 4257x4350 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, England photos
"Nefertiti Unfolded"
6/97 2514x3819 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, England photos, Nefertiti bust from book
Out of the Blue "Out of the Blue"
4/97 2712x3600 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, Fractal Poser 1.0, England photos
"Birds of a Feather"
2089x1398 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, England photos
Gatehouse "Gatehouse"
5/97 2108x2327 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, England photos
5/97 2048x1536 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, Fractal Painter 4.0
Precarious "Precarious"
5/97 1024x768 pixels
Fractal Painter 4.0
870x908 pixels
Photoshop 4.0, England photos
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