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I started to lose interest in digital art, as it always seemed trapped in the computer. The affordable printers produced unacceptable quality, longevity and size. And paying someone to make a quality print was expensive. In 2003 it finally became affordable to overcome all three hurdles and I bought a large format Epson 7600 printer. Suddenly digital art was fun again.
these images were created with various P4 machines with between 500meg and 1gig of ram

This images are all very high resolution and very detailed. These small web version do not do the originals much justice.
Fortunately, you can order high quality prints...
English Kaleidescope "English Kaleidescope"
3/2003 9000x7560 designed to be printed at 24x30 inches
Photoshop 5. 35 England photos from 1997 trip

"Hibernian Hyperweave"
4/2003 8550x6462 pixels
Photoshop 5. Ireland photos from 2003 trip

Hibernian Hyperweave
Incan Interlude 1 Incan Interlude 2 Incan Interlude 3
"Incan Interlude"(3 pieces)
5/2003 3 pieces at 6900x6300 pixels
Photoshop 5. Peru photos from 2002 trip, including festival of Inti Rayme at Cuzco and Maccu Piccu.
Guatemaya "Guatemaya"
5/2004 8640x12240 pixels
Photoshop 7. Over 60 Guatemala photos 2004 trip, including the Mayan ruins at Tikal and the Easter processions at Antigua.
"Year of the Rooster"
3/2005 7600x7600 pixels
Photoshop 5.0. 15 photos from 2005 Chinese New Year's Parade in San Francisco. Year of the Rooster is my Year!
Year of the Rooster

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