Erik Donovan Johnson - resume

last Updated 12/19/2000

Erik D. Johnson
P.O. Box 477
Nederland, CO 80466 or phone number available on request

In addition to the long term projects listed below, I have been doing freelance consulting and graphics work for a number of companies and individuals since 1995. The consulting has primarily been in the area of light programming, pc hardware/software purchasing, internet service (mail,web,dialup) and Windows NT Server/Workstation configuration, networking and troubleshooting. Some of my freelance graphics and web work can be seen from my Peripheral Visuals page. I have also maintained this server,, for myself and others since 1998.

Apr 1998 - present EchoFlight

Design & development of EchoMap GPS moving map navigation software with with weather, navigational, tiger data and terrain that uses Orbcomm low-earth-orbit satellite data link.

Design and development of Win32 DLL for parsing nexrad weather data file and compressing using 'fractal' methods.

ODBC/DAO support programming in VC++ 5.0 for Echoflight server application.

Feb 1998 - Jan 2000 Radiovalve

Design & development of unix&nt perl scripts for queuing real audio simulated live transfer with queues and displaying realtime updates via the web, managing and hosting radiovalve server.

1989 - 1997 University of Colorado

Started working for Dr. Ray McCall on the Phidias project while a student in the Environmental Design College (now known as Architecture & Planning). Early projects include implementing the first 3d graphics display in the dos phidias, helping to port phidias to windows 3.1 with TPW1.0. Duties include "research" (staying abreast of recent developments in computer hardware, software and tools), hardware purchasing, configuration and maintainance and troubleshooting, network administration (Win3.1/95/NT3.5-4.0s/w,Novell,tcp-ip,web,ftp,e-mail,ppp), DOS & Windows software development (BP3.0-BPW7,C++,Delphi1-3,WinAPI,java,CGI,sockets,html,opengl,vrml), software design (data,display,language,3d,interface) and software demonstrations.

Individual Projects

1993-1995 Colorado Advanced Software Institute - CASI grants sponsered by Johnson Engineering - graphical critics, language development, prototype communications capabilities, triggering of messages from changes in 3d graphical configuration
summer 1996 develop a java Karnaugh game java applet to be part of a larger set of electrical engineering educational games. for Dr. Gary Hachtel and Dr. Raymond McCall.
spring 1997 followup of above to add sockets communication to Phidias Hypermedia engine to monitor and archive karnaugh games that are played. Required the development of a generalized parser for the phidias query language and means of receiving queries and sending results via sockets.
summer 1997 reimplement 3d graphics display capabilities in 32bit version of phidias for Ray McCall
spring 1998 implement basic sketching capabilities into phidias design environment prototype for Ray McCall

Jan 1994-May 1998 Johnson Engineering

The results of one of the CASI grants sponsered by Johnson Engineering was a six month phase I SBIR from NASA's Flight Crew Support Division. This began the task of breaking phidias out of the ivory tower and into real world use. The NASA projects to date have all revolved around a massive document of theirs, the Man Systems Integration Standards and putting it into phidias, and subsequently publishing on web. My tasks have included numerous trips to JSC Houston to install, update and demonstrate the software and train people on its use.

Individual Projects

Jan94-Jul94 Phase I SBIR to prototype use of SBIR and other NASA data in Phidias application, addition of authoring security
Feb95 - Feb97 Phase II SBIR to further develop Phidias user interface and database capabilities and robustness. Conversion of 16bit Pascal phidias code to 32bit Delphi and C++ dll under Windows 95&NT. Add ability for phidias to send and receive updates across web via email and ftp. Assist in the creation of database of NASA's Man Systems Integration Standards vol I.
spring 1996 Prototyping the use of phidias as a stowage management database for the shuttle. Used vector graphics capabilities to allow clickable maps on photos, and highlighting the location of various equipment in photos and vector models.
Jul97 - May98 "WebPhidias" Augment sockets communications, query processing and hypermedia database capabilities of phidias to allow publishing of phidias database across web using parsed html templates to dynamically generate pages from query results and send via CGI. Used to allow the publication of NASA's Man Systems Integeration Standards database on the web.

1995 - 1998 Evaluation Systems, Boulder Valley Women's Clinic

freelance debugging & support for Outcome software (see below)

1992 - 1995 Pd' Programming

Develop Windows version Outcome software (BPW7,Paradox) to maintain and statistically analyze databases of cancer treatment information. Aid in the maintenance and support of Intersection Magic software used by traffic engineers to graphically analyze accident data.


1991 University of Colorado

Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design (aka Architecture & Planning) focusing on architecture, design, presentational graphics, computer programming and fine-art.

1987 Boulder High School

where I taught my teachers about computer programming (pascal, basic, prolog)

If you have found this resume via my Virtual Gallery and/or the Peripheral Visuals page, then you/ve seen my artistic, graphical and web capabilities. Otherwise, enjoy.