Surreal The following images, to some degree or another, are best described as surreal. There are those who might disagree with my classification, as the word means many things to many people.

To Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, surrealism means...
A modern French movement in art and literature, influenced by Freudianism, purporting to express the subconcious mental activities by presenting images without order or sequence, as in a dream.
Okay I'm not French and I don't care much for Freud, but I think that many of the images to follow fit the rest of the definition. I imagine that Freud might have had some interesting things to say of some of these.

An even better definition that I've recently run across in an essay about surrealism and Dali by Ramon Gomez De La Serna is...

"Surrealism is a glimpse of the unheard-of, 
the geometry of the mind with its thousands 
of half-formed images, a geometry of as yet 
unknown laws, apparently superfluous planes, 
phantasmagorical architecture."
I'd have to think that the images to follow fit this definition quite closely.

So, without further ado, on with the thread...