Recommended Browsing Configuration

I have gone to great pains to try to make this gallery look nice on a variety of browsers and configurations.

regardless of your browser and configuration, if you encounter something that doesn't look right or seems broken, please let me know.

For best results with ANY of the graphical browsers, I recommend you set your caches as high as possible, and use a display of at least 800x600 65,000 color (which almost all computers sold in the past five years are capable of). 640x480 will work but you mightl have to do alot of scrolling. 256 color (8bit) will also work, but things will look a bit dotty or flat. Make the best of what you have by running your browser software full screen and turning off extraneous interface elements (which Netscape is full of).

As for aesthetics, I recommend turning off link underlining unless you have a monochrome display. I do not recommend overriding my font colors unless you have a monochrome display and have overridden background colors and patterns. If you are using Mosaic, I recommend turning off 3d image border.

There is a lot to explore, have fun.