Erik Johnson's Virtual Gallery
Interface Primer


I turn off (almost) all image outlines, or make them as unobtrusive as possible. Clicking on (almost) ALL images will do something however. Usually clicking on the upperleft page heading image will take you up/back to the previous page in the hierarchy. If you encounter chewed up or missing graphics try reloading the page. If you encounter bizarre formatting, read this.


It works much more smoothly to click on the pages to navigate through the sketchbooks. Use the left page to go back, the right page to go forward. To zoom, use the zoom icon, or click on the title of the image. Clicking on the sketchbook's cover icon in the lower will take you to the main sketchbook page. Additionally you may encounter threads. You can use the thread buttons to see images that are somehow similar in content or style.

Icon Functions...

infogo to information page.
indexgo to thread/title index.
contentsgo to main page (or sometimes front door page)
ej q&ago to erik's question & answer page
thread...go to next item in thread of related images
...threadgo to previous item in thread of related images (or to index if 1st item).
zoom just what it says. Zoomed JPEGs range from 10 to 160k and are 1024x768 or smaller

printsat least 1 print is available for the piece, click for further information

Secret Contest...

There was a contest hidden deeply in the fabric of this gallery. It was recently won by Mary Switras who received a framed set of Perception of Seduction/Seduction of Perception prints. Look here for new secret contests in the future.

There is a lot to explore. Have fun.