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I never really wanted to be an 'artist' because I have never been able to part with my work, which makes it difficult to make a living since you have nothing to sell. I thought that printing would surely be the answer, if I was to actually make any money at this art stuff and not be sentenced to a lifetime of computer programming. So, I had one set of prints professionally run a few years back (SoP/PoS), but have yet to break even on the printing cost. I also don't like having to store the extremely bulky, akward and heavy mass of prints. I was stumped until recently when I got access to an amazing iris printer (that prints at something like 2400dpi and costs more than my house). Suddenly, one off high quality prints were feasable, though somewhat of a hassle and pretty expensive. Unfortunately the company with the iris printer recently went out of business. I am hoping to save up enough to get a descent large format printer which would make it easy to make one-off prints, but until then this is all there is.

All prints are on quality paper, signed, numbered and extremely limited. The number available is denoted in brackets.

Seduction of Perception/Perception of Seduction
pair 22x30 black metal framed prints $275 [2]
pair 22x30 unframed prints $40 [~250]

Quantum Singularity
75% scale iris print matted and pewter metallic framed $250 [1]
matted and shrunkwrapped 75% scale iris print $100 [1]

Eternal Fortress
75% scale iris print matted & framed $250 [1]

24"x26" matted and wood framed semi-gloss iris print $275 [sold]

Concrete Blonde
10.5"x14.5" iris print $25 [1]

Vampire's Kiss
10.5"x14.5" iris print $25 [1]

table of contents My purpose here is not really to make money, but to provide a service to those who like my work and have bare walls. It also serves the artwork; a framed high quality print is far more powerful than a low resolution jpeg on a computer monitor. The prices pretty much cover my expenses, shipping and maybe the effort.