is the freelance extension of me, Erik Johnson. Although I am quite skilled at pen & ink and other natural media, I often use the computer for freelance work since it can be faster, easier, and better for anything that involves photos, text or multiple 3d views. Certain tasks still lend themselves to natural media. Here is some of my freelance work...

Iron Feather Journal Port Watson
Four Ahau Press Lifeforce
Miscellaneous self promotional

Like so many these days, I am available for freelance work to augment my 'fulltime' income. As should be evident from my 500 page Virtual Gallery, I am proficient at all the skills I offer. More information is available in the traditional resume.


pen&ink/marker (concepts, architectural, illustration, design)

digital - 3-d imaging, photo-manipulation, logos, designs, web images, scanning

consulting - win95/NT, pc hardware/software, internet/web, html, programming

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