I have done a number of miscellaneous free/freelance graphic and web projects for various folks at various times.

Here is some of that work...

Information SuperHighway 12/93
CorelDRAW! 4.0 & Photoshop 2.5

This was done for Pete at Pd'Programming who develops, among other things, traffic engineering (Intersection Magic) and GIS software. I worked part-time at Pd' for a few years as (what else) a programmer. This image was done for a newsletter. Pete now works with me on the the Phidias project. His email address in case traffic engineering software interests you is pete@pdprog.com and or you can visit his website.

Work'n'Katz 9/94
Corel Trace, CorelDRAW! 4.0

Ian Work is a great sax player in the Boulder/Denver area. For a while he played with guitarist Jeff Katz. It is unfortunate that they are no longer together, as their names are made for each other. Ian is often looking for good bands to play in and for places to play, if you wish to contact him, contact me, as the phone numbers on the card are no longer current.

J.E. Sinor Consultants website.

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