My pictures have always been relatively small, since most of them were drawn in sketchbooks. As a senior in college, I took a drawing and anatomy course which required us to produce a large scale piece. And that was the beginning.
I now tend to produce one large pen & ink drawing a year; they take as much as half that time to draw, and the other half of the time to build up motivation/inspiration. The thread buttons will allow you to trace the development of each piece.

The Seduction of Perception - The Perception of Seduction

2 x 22" x30" - 12/91 - pen & ink & marker prints
These were drawn as the final project for a drawing&anatomy class I had in my last semester of college. I have managed to have these professionally printed thanks to an old friend, so the cost of prints is far less expensive than the one-off prints I do for everything else. This piece was originally just to be the right image, but while drawing it, it demanded the left side be drawn as well. The right half was recently included in Rockport Publishing's The Best of Drawing and Sketching.

Eternal Fortress

22"x30" - winter '92 - pen & ink
This was started as an attempt to draw a castle as an impossible figure like the old 2/3 pronged widget. It evolved into a complex representation of the interaction between chaos and order among many other things. Note how the left 5th of the page is actually a sort of perspective of the rest of the picture.

Quantum Singularity

30"x22" - winter '93 - pen & ink
This was inspired by a rave (Lifeforce's Experiments in Sound II) located in an old gothic-like church in Denver. It plays with the interaction of two separate 3d spaces, (the church and the castle which have different perspectives and vanishing points) among many other things. Look for embedded imagery from some of the drawings in my sketchbooks, unfortunately some of these things are lost in the screen display.


30"x22" - 5/95 - pen & ink
This picture combines elements from a few drawings in my sketchbooks. Once underway, it sort of evolved on its own.

Pandora's Box

22"x30" - 1/97 - pen & ink
Doesn't the title say it all? The box is based on a 4-dimensional hyper-cube.

Hands of Fate

22"x30" - spring 97 - pen & ink
This picture is based on a Christmas ornament that belonged to me wife. Unfortunately (hmm) my wooden figure model dropped the ornament and broke it. And so the picture evolved.

Sunday Street

11"x14" - 4/92 - pen & ink
This was drawn as a gift to my then fiancee, now wife, Shara. It is based upon and includes a poem that she wrote.

to Shara...

30"x22" - 9/93 - pen & ink
This was a wedding gift for my wife. Unlike the other big pen&ink pieces that take months to draw, this one took one night!

Man who Sold the World

24"x30" - 6/91 - marker on canvas
This was inspired by the classic David Bowie song. Marker on canvas is an extremely fast and malleable medium, so I was able to draw this in just one evening.

contents There are a number of larger drawings I have yet to scan (and draw), so stay tuned...