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Erik Johnson's
Virtual Gallery

featuring the drawings and artwork of Erik Johnson. From abstract to real to surreal, pen&ink to digital, 500+ images represent over 20 years of my life and many topics which captured my imagination in that time.
Traditional Media where you'll find scans of my more ambitious drawings, and some of the best representatives of my artwork and style. Unfortunately the web is far from the best way to appreciate large drawings.
Traditional Artwork
Sketch Books where you can flip through virtual pages of electronic editions of my sketchbooks. These digital books work much like the real thing, and even have a few advantages.
Digital Media where you will find the surviving results of my initial explorations into the new realm of digital media or explore my latest batch
Electronic Media
Peripheral Visuals is my freelance front. For freelance work, I tend to stick to the quicker digital media, though certain things lend themselves to pen & ink or marker. Peripheral Visuals
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